Zigbee Panic Button

I purchased this button panic%20button from a Chinese manufacturer that was supposedly compatible with smartthings. This button does connect easily to the smartthings hub as a “THING”. Once i’ve logged into the IDE and changed the type to zigbee button, the icon in smartthings changed to a button (Great!) , but it still doesn’t recognize a press. I wanted to know if anyone had a chance to ever work on third party buttons like this? The manufacturer told me that the button can be added by cluster, but i assume i cannot just add the cluster numbers into the code and “presto!” (tried it, and it didn’t work) , i’m sure there is a long arduous process.

Does anyone have any experience with this DIY?

here are some specs from the manufacturer as well:
0004 0005

Sorry I can’t help you much I’m not great with this but I remember in the SmartThings IDE you can create a new device handler from template and select button as a capability, then below it with have boxes for you to everything the fingerprint id.
Then assign that new handler to the button

This is going to be an overkill, but if you have access to rboy apps you can try this device handler, it supports panic buttons. But like I said it’s an overkill because the DTH does a lot of things mostly towards ZigBee keypads but one of the features if the panic button, the rest obviously won’t work.