Creating a new device handler for a single press button?

Hello all! i’ve purchased a zigbee button for use in my smartthings environment. Since the button doesnt natively pair with smart things, the engineers told me that id have to integrate the device into the smartthings hub via cluster…That being said, they sent me a cluster and attributes file that has cluster and attribute data displayed in it on tables.

As a newbie, i dont have the best groovy coding skills.
But I have created a new device handler since there are no existing device handlers that ive seen with single button press capabilities. The issue with that is im not sure what to put in the code or where to put my cluster data as there are no examples or templates for a zigbee single button press that i can edit and input my data.

If ANYONE has any input or advice for a new developer please point me in the right direction.

I have attached one page of the cluster/attribute data for reference below:

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I would start with pairing it to SmartThings and then changing the type in the IDE to one of the existing zigbee button handlers.

The following thread might be of interest:

"Device Handler for Dummies"? Any suggestions for a newbie? [Groovy/Classic App Edition, 2017]

the basic cluster page:

i don’t think i can pair it to smartthings without a device handler. Although the device is a zigbee button, smartthings doesn’t recognize it to pair. The only zigbee types i see are Switches, Dimmers, valves, Locks, and bulbs. But i don’t see any existing handlers for buttons.
I did find one on Github that i was trying to edit, to work with my button that i have attached. but i still have no connection.

Github Button type code.

A zigbee device will pair without a handler. It will just pair as a “thing”. Then login to the IDE and set the Type to this:

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Contacted the manufacturer and there was a misprint on the pairing instructions. I got it to pair finally and selected the zigbee button type in the ide and a button press is still not being recognized with that type selected. At this point it may be a good idea to dig a little deeper into handlers since it isn’t recognizing a press.


Is it possible to see and edit the code for a device handler once its paired?
Id much rather try to figure out editing the zigbee button handler off of what the device is currently trying to use rather than trying to figure out how to write code from scratch.