ZIGBEE mesh melt down

For the past few days, I have been having multiple zigbee devices fall off line, daily. Hard to really troubleshoot without a mesh map, so by picking around on the groovy site. I have narrowed it down to one GE Zigbee light switch installed a few weeks ago using an edge driver. The switch works and says it it online, but other items connected to it keep going offline and it spreads from there. AND i find supports advice to uninstall andcre install all zigbee devices that fall ofline as un acceptable, since there are over 40 items and re creating routines, scence action titles and Alexa to be per hell. Has to be another way.

And i find it annoying that when you call support Samsung Support sends texts with the response from level two instead of calling. More cutvand past responses, like they do not even read what the issue was.

I can get the devices to all work for a while, by powering off and on each device, but that only lasts for a few hours. I have unplugged the hub for a hour multiple times to get mesh re created.

Any advice would be helpful.

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which Edge driver is assigned to the switch? If it is using the stock Edge driver, perhaps you can try using one of the custom Edge drivers.

It is using the stock edge drive. I am not part of the Beta Program.

Fyi, this is supports response. Replace 40+ devices because of a Zigbee Mesh Issue. “They have also advised that any devices still offline after troubleshooting will need to be replaced and we recommend you to reach out to the device manufacturer for additional device steps.” Instead of them actually looking into the issue the soultion is replace all zigbee items. Who thinks every zigbee item failed on the same day??? Crazy. And they no longer allow you to speak to level 2 just send text messages to level one. This is not support.

interesting that this topic seems to be cropping up recently. I believe @sulisenator recently posted a thread with similar issues. I wonder if something is going wrong with having both Edge devices and Groovy DTH devices sharing the same Zigbee mesh network.


Yes, and my current situation is even worse, now all zigbee devices previously connected to the hub do not work, and even if I remove them and try to add them back after a reset they do not pair. I tried with a new zigbee device, not previously paired, and it paired. But then it went offline.

It’s a big issue. I’m restarting from a new hub because after 6 years without a reset it’s acceptable, I upgrade (not really an upgrade but still) to the V3 and start from scratch using as many edge drivers as possible. But the next time this happens I will have to evaluate to move to another solution. I’m into smarthome for comfort not for spending a weekend opening electric boxes to unpair devices.

Support didn’t got back to me after 24h.

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I really hope this is not the case. I think I can have all of my zigbee devices on Edge drivers, but there should be a big red flag over this for users to know.

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Right now I am in the beta and a little under 85 (all zigbee) of my 285 devices are on ST’s Edge drivers, and most of those remaining devices are zigbee too on stock ST DTH’s. So far so good with a couple switches dropping out at conversion time (back online now), and I believe more Edge drivers are to be released soon.

I’m keeping a very close eye on this because I have a very heavy investment in Zigbee devices right now, and it’s been flawless so far. Moving to Edge drivers does worry me, so we’ll see how that goes during the beta.

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