Zigbee Light Bulb over 800 Lumens

I am looking into Zigbee Bulbs (I like the OSRAM RBGW ones) but I can not seem to find any in the 1100 Lumens range (75 watt).

Also I am looking for some PAR20 Zigbee Bulbs

I’m not aware of any. This probably has to do with heat dispersion and the difficulties in not having the radio overheat when it’s in a traditional size socket. Plus the cost of energy use. It can be done, but requires adding additional costs that would probably make the bulb too expensive.

Meanwhile, you can use a LIFX Wi-Fi bulb. It requires about 25% more power and it definitely runs hot, but it is also a much brighter bulb. There is an official integration with SmartThings. There are several models, but one of them is 1000 lm, and the newest one is 1100 lm.


I am just not really a fan of my lights be controlled by a 3rd party.

Can’t blame you, look at what happened with TCP Lighting. :disappointed_relieved:

Have you considered using regular dimmable bulbs with a smart switch?

It won’t work in every application,but one thing I’ve done in a few places is one of those “y” lamp adapters that use 2 bulbs.

I have a couple in my basement and garage. Also one table lamp that has the room. All were just dumb bulbs. They even make 3 and 4 bulb adapters if usable.

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that’s what I’m currently using but I like the flexibility of RPGW