Zigbee Hue Lux Bulb - failing to respond to levels

Hi all,
Over the last few days it looks like all my Philips Zigbee Hue Lux Bulbs are failing to respond to dimmer settings (level). These are connected natively ie. not via the Hue bridge.

I’ve checked the logs and I can see the following error appearing with each setlevel request:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘value’ on null object @line 168 (setLevel)

I presume this code is the generic device handlers in at Samsung, which they may have changed the code? anyone else experiencing the same issue ??? Very frustrating…


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Yeah, I’m looking for a fix myself. started a few days ago. Its very annoying, considering I dont just want bulbs to turn on or off.

I’ve done some more investigation. Looks like they have brought out a new device handler, grrr… looks slightly different. To enable it however meant me deleting the bulb then doing the search and readding it from scratch. It picks up the new device handler and now works.

However I now loose all the automations and scenes it was previously connected to so will have to be done again.

Grrr is right that means adding all things again. at least there is a fix, thanks. Will update the dth later and see if it fixes mine too. Thanks again.

Didn’t think to ask. What’s the new name of the device handler

I just deleted the bulb using the app and got it to search and re-add then it links it up to the new DH.

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Thanks. I had the same issue.
Deleting & re-connecting worked for me.