hi all im hopping you can help im pulling my hair out here, im on a uk V2 Hub and have firmware 000.014.00013 and i still cant control my hue lux bulb, it finds the bulb as THING and i have changed this to HUE LUX BULB and updated and it recognises the HUE BUT i have no control i just get error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method off() on null object @ line 83
being somewhat new to all this i have no idea what to do next people so im asking you for some help, thanking you in advance

Don’t directly marry to ST please. Too tired to explain. Just search the community. I just posted some basic steps…

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That device type is only for use with a Hue lux which is connected to a Hue bridge. It won’t work if you direct connect it.

Since SmartThings officially only supports connecting hue through a Hue bridge, there isn’t an official device type for connecting the Lux except to the bridge.

You can probably use one of the other zigbee dimmer types, you just need to search the forums. But make sure it is for a lux which is connected using the ZHA protocol not ZLL.

@sticks18 or @JohnR may know of one, they both do a lot with zigbee devices. (The thread we’re in now is the UK-specific category, but I believe the Luxes would be the same.)

Sorted thanks guys I used a code provided by another developer

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HI Nifty190…

It looks like you nailed it.

I too have the Hue Lux bulb’s

Could you please provide a link to the code and how you did it…



No problem Ste I will put a full guide with all credits to developers later as I’m at work right now

Thanks very much mate…

I have been through all the bits and bob’s - found as ‘thing’ etc



Hi Nifty190, a quick couple of questions…

When you used the code does it update the status within the app?

If the bulb is switched on from a wall switch does/can it notify you?

Thanks a lot


Hi mate, as far as I’m aware there is no status reporting as yet so the bulb / switch would need to be in the on position. The app once published via IDE should update and be shown as hue lux bulb in your things

That’s cool - Thanks

I look forward to your instructions and will have a go

Once again, thanks for your help, much appreciated