Zigbee extenders being sold at Amazon stating SmartThings compatible

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Hope you can help me on this one. My sensors are all the time getting offline. Unfortunately I can’t shutdown the 2.4Ghz frequency from my router since I have other devices including Samsung appliances that uses this frequency.

Looking to amazon I found a couple of ZigBee extenders and SmartThings hub extender.

Have anyone tried this? Cineman voor ZigBee Smart Gateway, SmartThings Hub, WiFi range router range extender voor het hele huis https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B083Z9XQLY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_oSRXEb5K60MMT

That device is something you would use instead of a smartthings hub, not in addition to it.

It looks to me like a mistake in the translation: they are not trying to say that it would work with the trademarked Samsung SmartThings ™ range, just that it’s for smart devices.

But if all you need is a good zigbee repeater that works with SmartThings, an Ikea Tradfri plug-in pocket socket or lightbulb work very well and are quite inexpensive, typically less then €15 when bought directly from IKEA. :sunglasses:

The product description will say that they need their own IKEA gateway, but that’s not true: you will be using the smartthings hub instead.


@cpinho, Indeed, if you just need ONLY range extenders look at the IKEA range extender, it works with SmartThings.

But any of the TRADFRI product line devices with line power work as a repeater and they are quite cheap and reliable devices. (As @JDRoberts wrote before me.)


Adding additional repeating devices will definitely help to some degree.

If your Zigbee sensors are going offline a lot and router location and Hub location cannot be adjusted, I would also consider reviewing what Channels these two devices are using to broadcast. You can see what Zigbee Channel your Hub is using within the IDE Tool and what Channel your Router is using within your Router GUI.

This page does a good job of explaining why this might matter.

I had a similar issue with some more distance Zigbee sensors that was rectified when I changed my WiFi Router Channel to 1. Which separated it even further Channel-wise from my Hub, which was using 15. Hope this helps!


I can confirm this and second the information. I have some of their Tradfri Zigbee bulbs and had to get the plug as a repeater. Works perfectly, direct to the ST hub.

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This worked perfectly. Thanks for the heads up!