Zigbee DTH that runs locally to handle 2 color grow lights?

Hello, we are building some smart grow LEds. They only have two colors. We want to use Zigbee protocol. I would like to find an existing device handler to use so I don’t have to do a bunch of extra work. Also one that will run locally with out internet. The lights will be on a simple timer and have dimming but once dimmed they will just cycle on and off even if the internet goes down.

I also have an option using a hue version but I need another hub and I have to name all the lights twice. Once in the hue app and again in the ST app. When you have 2 devices per fixture and 12 fixtures per rack and 17 racks per room it gets confusing. Just trying not to reinvent an already existing device that I can introduce into our rack controller.

No custom code can run locally. So you are just going to have to select from the existing set of stock DTHs that are already on your hub. You can see these listed in the IDE.

Are they two colors of white? Or are they actually RGB colors like blue or green? If they are RGB colors, then it doesn’t matter which two colors they are, you will use a regular RGB Device DTH. (Again, no custom code can run locally. )

There should only be a few to choose from, so you might just go to trial and error to see which one is best.

What hardware use these local device handlers? I’m trying to also pick a chip set that smart things already recognizes that I can incorporate into my electronics.

It’s not really the chipset, but the capabilities of the device and if it’s using certified clusters and attributes. For example, the Iris smart plugs uses the same DTH as other manufacturers devices (like ST’s), and devices like Smartenit’s inwall relay uses the same DTH as GE’s zigbee switch (zigbee switch power).

If you look at the code for almost any DTH, find the fingerprint section. That usually lists the compatible devices, or at least the ones ST has certified their DTH on. That’s a great place to start.

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Smartthings doesn’t care about chipsets. It cares about network protocols.

As long as your device is using the zigbee home automation profile for a simple RGBW light control, you should be fine. If using the ZLL profile, you’ll probably be OK, but there are a few exceptions. ( no touchlink commissioning or groupcasting, for example) If using zigbee 3.0, that’s brand new for smartthings, and I don’t know how well it’s working yet. Avoid multiple endpoints in all profiles, they typically require custom code.

For example, the Sylvania smart+ bulb Would be a good candidate for a ZHA example, and the IKEA Tradfri bulb would be a good candidate for a ZLL example.

You can also look for devices that work with the Amazon echo plus: that’s using the ZHA profile.

I’m assuming you already know the following, but just in case not:

and since @johnconstantelo beat me to it, to clarify, the zigbee profile chosen determines just which “certified clusters and attributes“ the device will use. So we were saying the same thing there. :wink:

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