ZigBee Dimmer with Device Handler Code?


The IDE for Device Handler has under “Examples” a “Dimmer Switch” which is using Z-Wave codes.

Is there an example for a ZigBee (and/or SmartThingModule) based Dimmer Switch?

Are there any such Things out there?

My Z-Waves are working fine, but I am (1) exploring devices, and (2) exploring Device Handlers.

I am, frankly, curious as to why the example Device Handler list uses the name “Dimmer Switch” for what is, I think, only a Z-Wave compatible Dimmer Switch… no?


There are some ZigBee dimmers out there. We just got some but have yet to fully test them. I took a look at them and they seem to have some interesting wiring requirements.

To be honest, they haven’t taken top priority as they are somewhat hard to find at the moment. Thats NOT to say they aren’t important! I’ll see if I can’t take some pics of the ones we have.

Thanks for the response, Andrew @urman

To be clear, I am more interested in what the standard or typical Device Handler
is for a “generic ZigBee dimmer”, rather than what the physical devices look like, vendors, etc… For a few reasons:

  1. Dimmers are a good example of a control that is just a bit more complex than a switch; but not too complex. They also have the function of both sending and receiving messages (i.e., message of what level was set at the physical switch, and reacting to setLevel).
  2. I am interested in comparing the generic Z-Wave Dimmer code to, well, generic ZigBee code (as opposed to any code that uses the SmartThingModule or Shield

Finally: Smart Device Handlers lists method types “Zigbee” and “Zwave” but does not give the detailed callouts or attributes available. These seem like very useful utilities. Is there a list, please?


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