Zigbee Devices -Juno Connect, unresponsive and going offline

Hello group,
I have had substantial issues with my mesh on my Aeotec hub since firmware updates in July. I have a large mesh of 30 Inovelli Blue switches and Juno Connect smart tunable downlight wafers…

I have had lots of issues, especially after the July firmware updates. Some downlights go offline, others show online and are unresponsive. I was using an edge driver that enabled Zigbee groups and binding. Even when the hub thinks the devices are offline, the binding and Zigbee group messaging was working from the Inovelli switches.

I’m at a loss. It’s been months and I can’t get help through support. Groups of people here have echoed similar Zigbee issues since firmware updates. Does anyone have any insight or input on these downlights or on what’s going on with the Aeotec hub and the Zigbee radio stack?

you may wish to provide more details to the Edge driver being used. Is it a community developed Edge driver and if so, who is the developer? Can you post a link to the thread?

Hi jkp,
I was using Mariano_Colmenarejo edge driver, but Juno/Smartthings team recommended I switch back to the default and now I’m using:

Name: Zigbee Switch
Description: Smartthings driver for Zigbee switch devices
Developer: SmartThings
Support Information: https://support.smartthings.com
Version: 2023-09-05T18:31:19T18:31:19.396721337

It looks like there was a push to a new driver yesterday given that date code in the version, but I have no details, and it’s not working any better…