Zigbee devices are not responding to SmartThings

I’ve had all my zigbee devices running smoothly for more than 6 months now based on changing the channel on my router. However with the recent outages of SmartThings my zigbee devices are not controllable from SmartThings.

I’m not sure if this is a platform or Cloud issue or it’s just me but I even tried to unpair and repair some of them and it works for a few but then uncontrollable as time progressed.

The odd thing is that all my devices have a problem so it seems to be related to SmartThings versus a change within my home environment, because I haven’t changed anything from how it’s been running recently.

Is anyone else having trouble with their zigbee devices?

Happened to me this weekend I reset the zigbee mesh and it fixed it.

Basically, unplug smartthings, remove the batteries, let it sit for 20 mins and plug it back in and give the zigbee devices time to reconnect.

Found the info on this forum. Hopefully it helps.

I just did that. tough to know if it is my set-up, the cloud or something else. Thank you.

Did the unplug, wait 20min and plug back in about 6 hours ago; it worked like a champ for me. I’m glad, because it was really getting annoying.

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I’m going to see if these stay on the network after a few days. I still have one bulb that isn’t playing nicely.

Had the same issue a week ago, mine was fine for almost two years then all the sudden everything started to fail.

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