Zigbee curtain switch - Tuya chipset

I’ve just bought a curtain switch on Aliexpress. It works fine with smartthings. It openes closes and shows the posistion. All works just fine , but I cannot set the opening/closing time of the curtain. Previously I had a sonoof curtain switch and there holding down the button for few seconds was setting the open/close time. Here it is not working that way, and the User Manual does not say anything about that.

Do you have any idea how to set the open/close time?

The chipset is Tuya TYZS3.

This is the SmartThings Community forum and not the Tuya support forum.

You might get a better answer if you contact the seller where you bought the device from or contacting directly Tuya.

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I use devices of miscellaneous manufacturers to connect with smartthings. This is also connected to SMartthings HUB . But thanks for the advice, I’ll ask on other forums.

I guess you mean the position where to stop as open and where to stop as closed. You are really better to ask Tuya.
If the DH is not exposing that feature, then you cannot do it from the App neither.

yes that is exactly what I am asking for. I asked the seller, but no answer yet. I cannot find any information on the internet how to set this up.

Have you checked here? The author might have tested it.

I have the same issue. Did you ever find out how to calibrate the switch?

Not sure you guys find out the solutions, but i believe it’s the same instructions from.my Xiaomi Aqara smart curtain motor. U can take a look

I did it by buying a cheap SMarthome Zigbee gate, connected it to smarthome app and the calibration is via app.
Once finished - got back to smartthings.
The gate was like c.a. USD25

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I bought this Zigbee Tuya Modules for roller blinds and had the same issue. The default opening/closing time was 10s (roller shades opened only like 60%) and could not change it in smartthing app. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Neither could find proper DH. So I also bought Tuya Zigbee Hub and first connect module on it, programm it and later connect module back to Smartthings. Now works great. :nerd_face:

Hope someone write DH so I can get rid of Tuya Hub.