Zigbee Channel in new IDE

I am trying to figure out on which channel is set my zigbee. But I can not log in to the old IDE and just check the setting because it redirects me to new web IDE that doesn’t show zigbee chennel (or I just can’t find it).

Anyone know how to configure or read zigbee channel number?

Can’t change it yet, unfortunately.

You can see it in the new advanced web app (Samsung account), hubs, scroll to ZigBee, listed in Channel.


Because the V3 and Station hubs now use the same radio for both Zigbee and Thread and Thread is agile I think it unlikely that we as customers will be able to change the Zigbee channel moving forward—but we shouldn’t have to, because the radio should be smart enough to select for itself.

Of course, that doesn’t help V2 owners, but I suspect the option has been lost for them as well, although I don’t know for sure. :thinking:

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I’m curious to see how this will work out.

I have five different active hubs with zigbee running, three of them I can/could chose the zigbee channels on.
Two of those are also Thread Border Routers.
Two more will possibly become border routers in the future via firmware updates.

Given that when you do change the Zigbee channel manually you can end up having to re-pair quite a few devices that don’t play nicely (in my case it was Aqara sensors and SmartThings presence/arrival sensor tags, but all have been introduced to the bin lorry now), the thought of the Zigbee channel changing automatically isn’t an optimistic one.