Zen27 Dimmer & Iris Motion Sensor Actions?

I am trying to set a dimmer to 10% lighting in case motion is detected by an Iris sensor.

Additional conditions:
-Run only if the Zen27 switch was off. If the switch is on, I don’t need this action to run. Example being we are in the room, turn the switch on and dim at a certain level.

  • if motion/dimming enable the action, turn off after 15 minutes of no motion

Getting sporadic results back in using Smart Lighting automation. Is a piston going to be better to use for these scenarios?

Can you post your Smart Lightning rule?

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Also more options - only if basement dimmer switch is off.

Don’t turn off the light with this automation. Create another automation that turns off the light after motion stops. That’s what I ended up doing to get this same scenario to work.

You end up with two automations. One to turn on the light, another to turn it off.


Thanks, I’ll try this. If switch is manually turned on or dimmer adjusted, would the motion automation rule then override the manual set?

Not as long as you set more options in the on automation to only executive if the basement dimmer is off.