Bosch Motion Sensor & Leviton Dimmer - Odd SmartLighting Logic

I have a Leviton Dimmer (do not know the model…maybe a VRMX1-1LZ?) and a Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 motion sensor. I am using the Smart Lights app that is “supposed” to turn off the Leviton Dimmer when the motion in my office stops for 15 minutes. But what is happening, is that it keeps turning the light on instead.

In the Smart Lights app, if I change the logic to turn the light on, it behaves the way I want it to by turning the light off after 15 minutes of no motion.

I have confirmed multiple times that I have “Off” selected in the App, but it continues to turn the lights on. I can see in the IDE logs that motion was detected.

I am guessing this may not be the intended use of this specific app since I do not actually want motion to turn a light on and then off when motion starts. What I am after is just to turn the lights off 15 minutes after all motion stops to try to keep from leaving all of my basement lights on when nobody is down there.

There are three rooms/zones in my basement with smart switches and motion detectors:
1.) Basement Landing
2.) Playroom
3.) Office

I only want motion activated lighting for the landing (which is working)…so people don’t come tumbling down the stairs in the dark. The rest I want someone to have to manually push a switch for lights, but for all of them, I want a lack of motion to turn the lights off.

I have used Routine Automatons in the past for some of this triggering the “Automatically perform” when “Things Quiet Down”, but was really trying to simplify things a bit by using a SmartApp.

I have a Smart Lighting rule that turns lights off after x minutes of no motion (across 2 motion sensors). I use this as a catchall since i have different rules that turn the lights on based on motion, and others that turn them on/off based on Mode.

It works as expected.

Can you post your Smart Lighting rule?

Hmm, this is what I have - it looks the same and it works for me.

The one (potential) difference is that i also have it running only in certain modes. Try adding that and see if it makes any difference?

I had it with just one sensor previously and it worked then too.

I am going to delete the existing app and start over just to make sure there isn’t some other stupid going on. I will re-create and if needed add some other attribute as you suggested.

Have you verified that both devices perform properly manually?

Yes. The Leviton has been in place for about 4 months now and working fine. The Bosch is new, but it was up in my kitchen for several days so I could learn its various quirks.

I deleted the SmartApp and re-created exactly what I had in place originally and it appears to be behaving correctly…so far.