Zemismart Zigbee Switch Edge Drivers?

@Mariano_Colmenarejo After migrating the rest of the switches. There are 2 switches that cannot find the driver. One is 3 gang touch and 2 gang push. The 3 gang can be changed the driver and capture the raw data but the 2 gang, the driver option is not available. I need to get to IDE to get the info below.

2 gang push

3 gang touch


I think the 2 gang device is TS0002 model

the 3 gang is similar to previos fixed 2 gang feibit


Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2022-12-01T18:23:05.365416205        
  - id: "FeiBit/FB56-ZSW1IKJ2.5"
    deviceLabel: FeiBit 3 Switch
    manufacturer: Feibit Inc co.
    model: FB56+ZSW1IKJ2.5
    deviceProfileName: three-switch
  - id: "TS0002/_TZ3000_7hp93xpr"
    deviceLabel: TS0002 Switch
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_7hp93xpr
    model: TS0002
    deviceProfileName: two-switch

Will try again this weekend.

All switches work on your Edge driver.
Thanks a lot…

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo.
Can u add this, please?
Is a zigbee scene remote, cr2032 battery with 4 buttons.

Informations with your thing mc driver:

Thank you very much!

Hi @guipaviani

Sorry I have not drivers for buttons, only for smartthings one button.
I don’t know if @ygerlovin will have any driver or can add this device

Boa noite Mariano. NΓ£o estou conseguindo adicionar o 2o gang, pois aparece como indisponΓ­vel, conforme abaixo:
Uploading: 440FC2C1-DA06-4826-B8AA-009660F0E5CE.jpeg…
Uploading: 1DF3172F-DF7C-4AC3-860F-C64D370AF221.png…

Hi @Kleber
Fixed in this driver version
Name Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc
Version 2022-12-28T00:07:09.748373628


I had a Zemismart 4 gang switch working with this device handler:

It doesn’t find your Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc driver. Is it possible to add this?

Product link:

Information on the back of the device:
Wireless Scene Switch 21/06
Communication: Zigbee
Keys: 4
Input power: CR2430 Button Battery

I cannot get any further info when pairing with the Zigbee Thing Mc driver.
On first pairing it is set up as Zigbee Switch


I got it working with a driver from @erickv Shared Drivers:

I used the button-battery-v1.4.3

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Muito obrigado Mariano. Problema resolvido.

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Hi Mariano,

Your drivers work flawlessly on my 2 and 3 gang switches except when I rename the main switch (e,g Febit Switch 2 to Kitchen lights) I cannot find the main switch in the automation device list. Is this a known issue with the current drivers?

Also, I am having trouble getting my single switch to migrate to edge driver. After re-pairing multiple times, all I get is Z-wave controller device in an unassigned room section and the driver/settings options are missing.

Hi @Reinardo_Setiawan
I have not seen this problem on my triple plugs devices.

What I’ve ever seen is that when you change the name, the CLI logs still show the old name for a while, as if it takes time for the new name to update on the platform.

The simple device that does not pair is not in that driver, if it is, it will be in the zigbee switch Mc

Thanks Mariano!

Confirmed renaming the main switch is no longer an issue :slight_smile:

With the single switch though, I have reinstalled the correct drivers β€œzigbee switch mc” but I still unable to get the switch working


What fingerprints does this device have?
It may not be added in the driver

Not sure how to locate the fingerprint ID… but the switch that I have is 3A Zigbee 1 gang switch

You can install driver Zigbee Thing Mc from my channel and try to pair with It to see the complete device data

hi any chance to add aqara switches? I believe this parent and child edge driver is to show show 3 swift he’s for a 3 gang switch (example) right?

Hello, does anyone know if Zemismart Wave Smart Switch woks with this driver.