Zemismart blind motor (bead chain) - controls from ST?

I’m wondering if there’s a DTH that lets me fully set up devices like my new Zemismart M515EGBZTN ? Once connected to hub I’m hoping I can set the necessary limits (top and bottom are all that really matter, I don’t care about the middle one but I’ll set it if that’s a thing)

I’m a decrepit old man who doesn’t know what a DTH is. I did however make my own motorized shade mechanism (I have a 3D printer and too much time on my hands), and used a simple electro-mechanical concept with limit switches.

If you don’t find a more elegant way to do it and are interested I will be happy to provide additional information.

You can see the concept in my blogs:

Lol. DTH stand for … I think Device Type Handler? It’s basically “the custom code required to integrate devices that totally work with smart things but aren’t on Samsung’s premade integrations list”

I already bought and am using my hardware so no need for custom build, but I’ll check out your work for fun anyway!


Right, DTH is a small bit of code which will format the messages sent to and from the physical device so that smartthings can understand them.


See the FAQ. Although it’s old, the concepts and terminology still apply. :sunglasses:

(The topic title is a clickable link)

Thanks, that helps a lot!

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