Zemismart 3-light 1-gang smart switch - does it actually work?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been searching for a while now for a 3 switch / 1-gang box combo for a while with no luck. Today I find this, but as the usual, I have not heard from this brand before and do not know its viability with Smartthings integration. Has any of you heard of it or tried to use it?

Thanks in advanced for your input.

Zemismart is a known brand and it is using the popular Tuya app, But there is a present no direct integration with smartthings.

It is possible that when the global life integration is released, that it would work with zemismart, but I don’t know if it would work with that particular model.

Globe Suite has announced that their integration should be out in a month or so if you want to wait and try it then.

Updated to note that the globe suite integration will now only support products of their own brand.

Thanks for the quick response. What is this Global Life company/app you are refering to? This is so I can research more about and keep an eye on it.

Sorry for any confusion, the actual name is “globe suite.“ See the following thread:

Globe Suite and ST Integration is Broken

Globe Suite will be up and running on SmartThings by the end of this week/beginning of next week :slight_smile:


Is there any news?

Not yet. You can follow the other thread listed in another comment above. They say end of February.

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Thanks! Hope this time is the good one xd

I hope so too. Its not the solution I actually wanted, as i’m trying to avoid wifi devices and preferred z-wave solutions. However, I don’t think 3-switch/1-gang zwave solutions exist or will come out in the near future.

Let’s wait and see!

It was not the good one :sweat:

Given the current state of the thread you listed (quite a few angry peeps), do you have any knowledge of ways to integrate this with Smartthings, other than withe Global Suite)?

Probably using Alexa as a “man in the middle“:

Integrating WiFi Switches/Plugs that use the Tuya SmartLife App or eWeLink app

Or flash with Tasmota firmware (find the right template for your switch) and install this Tasmota (Connect) smartapp (select generic switch (1-3ch))

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Thanks, will check it out.

Just in case you know, those the following mean its not available for a conversion?

Or it just means the way to flash is just less straight forward?

It is just less straight forward.
Tuya-Convert is OTA (over the air) flashing, this is using serial flashing…