Z Wave Tweaker Switch Association help needed

Hello! I am shiny new at SmartThings and the coding for it. I’m a Vera Plus refugee. I have my SmartThings humming along pretty well, and now I could use some help.

I have two locations in my home that were using three way switches: My stairway has a light, and two switches that control it: at the stair bottom, and at the top. I also have an upstairs hallway light, controlled by two switches, one at each end of the hallway.

I replaced the bottom stairway switch with a (all switches mentioned are Linear Go Control) WS15Z-1, and the top stairway switch with a WT00Z-1.

I replaced the switch at one end of my upstairs hall with a WS15Z-1, and the other end of the hall with a WT00Z-1.

With Vera, I could go into the Stairway WT00z-1, enter a “1” in “add Group”, and then select the Stairway WS15Z-1. I could then do the same with the Upstairs Hall switch, except I’d use a “2” in the “add Group” field.

Now, I have SmartThings! I tried an automation having the WT00Z-1 turn on and off the WS15Z-1, but it doesn’t work properly. It will turn OFF the light if the light is ON. But if the light is OFF, I have to press the bottom of the paddle (off) and then press the top (on) to turn it on. It’s a bit annoying and not meeting the spouse test.

I posted in the Devices & Integrations/Connected Things forum, where @JDRoberts introduced and linked me to Z Wave Tweaker.

I’m up to my elbows in it, and I feel like I’m way over my head. I could use some hand-holding and guidance.

I have followed the instructions to install Z-Wave Tweaker as shown in this link: https://github.com/codersaur/SmartThings#device-handler-installation-procedure

Now I’m back here https://github.com/codersaur/SmartThings/tree/master/devices/zwave-tweaker

On my WT00Z-1 Stairway switch it says tweaker, and I can go in and see all the Scan and Print tiles, and I pressed them as instructed, and I saw the information…

Now I’m up to "Creating Device Associations and I’m on step 2, where I’m to input the ID of the target group, and fill in members… But I don’t understand what to DO. Where does the target group ID COME from? And what members? And on the page with all the tiles, my “Sync Pending” button is orange?

I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m missing (be sure to ask me about not having my security alarm show up for a week because I was using a wrong IP address) but I’m so stuffed full of information that I’m just spinning my wheels.

If someone could just tell me what to do, what to enter, and then why… I’d truly appreciate it.

You will get the fastest response if you ask your question in the author thread for the code that you were using. The author will be automatically notified when New posts are added to that thread, and other people who are using the same code may also be able to help.

In this case:

Gotcha! Moderator, please delete, as I’ve posted in another thread. Thanks!

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You should look in the manual for what association groups your devices support. With Linear devices I think its fairly simple like groups 1 thru 3 or something. The manual should tell you what action each group is activated with. Like group 1 is single push. Group 2 double push. What groups does tweaker report are available for your WT00-1? (I think you what group 1) Enter the group number you want to edit. Then enter the device ID/s of the devices you want to activate/associate with that group. Device ID’s can be found in the smartthings IDE devices list. For zwave devices they are hexidecimal numbers. After you hit the sync button and test that the association works you can then switch your devices DH back to the standard one.

I hope this helps

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You were correct with group one. But there are SO MANY OPTIONS to enter! So I went into the WT00Z-1, clicked the gear in the upper right, scrolled past all the “Associate Groups Scan Range”, past the “Endpoints Scan Range”, past the “Parameters Scan Range”, ENTERED The Association Group ID of “1”, and entered the Association Group Members Hexadecimal ID (gotten from the WS15Z-1) which was “10”. Skipped “Command Class”, Skipped Parameter ID, skipped Parameter Value, skipped "Configure other settings, skipped Local Protection, skipped RF Protection, Skipped All On/All Off Function.

Clicked "Save in the upper right. Automatically went back to the “tiles” page, Sync Pending was orange for a few seconds, then turned Green.

I went to test it - AND WE HAVE VICTORY! :slight_smile:
A million thanks!

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Thank you, I still don’t fully understand what is going on with all this, but your detailed instructions allowed me to get mine working as well!

As far as looking in the “manual” for association groups, what manual? The one that came with my hub, because I threw that away, is there a digital link anywhere?

The manual for the specific end device that you are assigning the tweaker to. Not for your hub.

You can also check on the Z wave alliance site, it’s usually there: