Z-Wave Qubino Flush Relay Reporting Intervals

I totally missed that you were talking about the Qubino as opposed to the Philio.

Looking at the manual for that device it looks like you need to change parameter 40 & 42. I think they are separate reporting schedules so you will probably want to disable the Watt change reporting (param 40).

So add the following to your configure method. You will just need to add the bolded part. :

def configure() {
log.debug “configure() called”
def cmds =
cmds << zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 40, scaledConfigurationValue: 0).format()
cmds << zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 42, scaledConfigurationValue: 3600).format()

Hello @erocm1231, i updated the code from fresh to disregard any changes that were made for the philio device type.

This is all very inspirational stuff, as i have read the manuals to my zwave sensors, but never knew it was as easy as adding a few changes to the code!

I really want to learn this code as it will allow me to tweak some other devices!

Ok, i applied the code, but unfortunately it still polls every second? Maybe i missed something in the code? I took two screen grabs to shiow the whole length of the code!

I edited lines 285 and 286!

It shouldn’t make a difference, but those two lines should be above the loop. So right between def cmds & [1, 2, 4].each. Make sure you press the Configure button in the app as well to make sure the params get sent over.

I got a qubino Flush 1 relay today. Any code or tips to share? or will it work pretty well from the generic z-wave device handler?