Z-Wave Multi Metering Switch - what is the edge equivalent driver?

Anyone built edge driver for Z-Wave Multi Metering Switch?

I think it may have been absorbed into the Z-Wave Switch, in which case it is in the beta channel.

thanks. I can see dual switch there, but not multi switch really. There is something called multipurpose switch, but not sure if this will be what I am looking for.

I just looked to see if the fingerprints from the DTH were there and at least some of them were, which suggests that was the intended replacement.

Team, tested NEO Coolcam 3CH with any new edge driver and nothings works in the same way as zwave multi metering switch - old groovy one. Doesn’t create child devices. If you have any better news, please share. 2Channel may work, but 3CH is a different beast. thanks

But Home Assistance creates it perfectly and even detects Chinese manufacturer.