Z-Wave Lock vs. Z-Wave Lock with Codes DTH

I just replaced a Z-Wave Kwikset 914 with a newer Z-Wave Plus version of the same lock. Most functions seem to work fine with the regular ‘Z-Wave Lock’ DTH, EXCEPT code programming. To get it to program codes, I had to switch to the ‘Z-Wave Lock with Codes’ DTH, which runs in the cloud and not locally. Any idea what is going on here? Could this be a 25x beta issue?

“Z-wave Lock” is the official device handler listed on their GitHub.

Post that question on the beta site (Centercode) and in the 25.17 thread. When I did this for my August Pro (but removing and re-adding it to the hub), it showed up 'Z-Wave Lock with Codes’, which is what I did not have before.

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Z-Wave Lock With Codes is a legacy device handler and should not be used unless you have a specific need for it.

Z-Wave Lock is the stock device handlers for Z-Wave locks. It has all the basic functions to operate locks and program locks using the ST SmartLocks app or newer custom lock management apps like LUM. Optionally use the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler from RBoy Apps to access advanced locks features including some Z-Wave Plus module features in newer lock models.