Z-wave lock edge driver

What does comment out the dth driver, and how does it work?

That is now an out-of-date post as ST has discontinued Editing of a DTH in the legacy IDE.

What is happening?

I have the kwikset 910 lock on numerous shirt term rentals and current edge drivers dont work. Is there a working driver for this lock, anywhere?

I have a Kwikset 910 and it is using the Smartthing Driver Z-Wave Lock(Beta). I have used the driver for a number of months, but it has no advanced features.

Can you remotely change codes?

I have the KwikSet 912 Z-Wave and it works fine with the stock Samsung provided driver, and I see that the 910 is already listed as a supported lock model:


Codes are managed through the Smart Lock Guest Access SmartApp.

What’s not working for you? Is the driver not installing when you pair the lock, or can you not add codes?

Yes, by the Smart Lock Guest Access SmartApp.
You do have a limited number of codes to use.

I don’t know about that lock model, but @philh30 has added some advanced features for some locks in his Edge driver

Try this driver, it supports most locks including Kwikset. I have been using for a while and very happy with what I can do with it via SmartThings automatons.

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