Z Wave Light Switch, Momentary Style

This might be a long shot but I’m looking for a z wave light switch that I can use as a beaming device for my smart lock but most my other light switches are the Kasa switches and that are the paddle style but they toggle on and off by only pressing the bottom of the paddle and the top doesn’t press in at all so I have gotten used to pressing the bottom and I am looking to replace my other switches with more Kasa switches but I would like to find one z wave switch that is a bottom push toggle but I haven’t had any luck on my own.

Perhaps, instead of a switch, consider using a smart outlet instead.


That style has pretty much gone out of fashion for zwave. About 10 years ago, Leviton made their Vizia RF+ Z wave line in that style, but it was discontinued several years ago. You can still sometimes find the devices on eBay or someplace like that, but I wouldn’t bother. The technology is getting pretty old.

If you do want to look for them, the Zwave models are “RF +”, not just “+”. (The RF stands for “radio frequency.” The plain Vizia + models are a coordinating line of dumb switches.)

Home Depot does still list a few of the vizia RF plus models, but at very high prices, and usually out of stock. So I include this link just so you can see what they look like.


I agree with @h0ckeysk8er , a zwave smart plug would probably be a better choice.

The Smartest House has their Zooz zen04 on sale right now:


I have one or two of the Leviton Zwave switches/dimmers that were this style (toggle on bottom). I can get the model number tomorrow but they are 300 series (non Zwave plus). I think they have white paddles.

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The Leviton Vizia RF + typically came with three paddle covers in the box: white, ivory, and light almond. You just used whichever one you preferred.

Yeah I was considering a smart outlet from the start but I don’t really have anything to plug in by my door so I would just be buying the outlet for the purpose of beaming which isn’t bad I just figured I have a light switch I’ll eventually replace right there so it would be two birds one stone. I still might go with a switch and just get the normal paddle ones. I actually have 4 Leviton decora dimmers that I really liked at first and had in my most used switch locations but then I bought the much cheaper Kasa switches for areas like bathrooms and closets and I ended up liking them more but that’s mostly because the dimmers would cause some lights to flicker which isn’t the dimmers fault I think it’s the light but anyways I’ll probably either get a normal switch or just go with the outlet.

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Thanks for the link, I’m just trying to decide between a normal paddle z wave switch or just getting an outlet. I pretty much assumed there wasn’t a zwave option similar to what I wanted

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