Z-Wave + integrated blinds/shades: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Shades

Hi Everyone…

I have received my ZebraBlinds and have installed them in 2 rooms…so far.

I am really pleased with the results. I have another room (Dining Room) that I will install next.

If you’re interested (I know you are!)…watch my video here:


This is not the exciting update promised, that comes tomorrow.

For existing orders: some are affected by extended shipping times. Emails will be sent out tonight to all those affected.

I think I am one of those affected. :disappointed:

I am hoping this means whatever wizbang feature you may be adding to your product will included in my shades (fingers crossed)… :grinning:

It does look like yours is one of them. You will be receiveing an email tonight :sweat:

In terms of the new wizbang feature… well it’s not a feature per say… It’s an expansion. Can’t really say any more until tomorrow.

Hi, Neil, I have this product and am wondering what modules I need to connect to alexa through smartthings?



Since those are the RTS motor versions and not the Z-wave one, you would need the ZRTSII bridge. It has a few limitations mainly one way communication. So you can push commands to the shade but not receive feedback in terms of it’s current position. The RTS motors simply don’t have that function. In terms of control you can open/close, or set it to a preset position. More information on control of RTS motors with ZRTSII can be found here: My Somfy-SmartThings Integration

If you need the ZRTSII just PM me your account and I will add it to your cart. $85 for one and can control up to 16 shades or 16 groups.

Thanks for your help.

Please remove the email from the public thread (or you will be inundated with spam).

For everyone asking if new coupons will be posted, they will be tomorrow along with the promised updated. Also there will be some big specials going on over the next two weeks in relation to tomorrows announcement.

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@ZebraBlinds In leiu of the upcoming announcement is it possible to cancel my delayed order and repurchase after the new “expansion” and upcoming “big specials?”

@jimimoore Pm’ed. (10 char)

After almost a year of requests we finally have our signature product, the Zebra Style of Shades is now available with the Virtual Cord Z-wave Motors.

Virtual Cord Graber Mezzanine Layered Zebra Shades: https://www.zebrablinds.com/virtual-cord-z-wave-mezzanine-layered-zebra-sheer-shades
Virtual Cord Graber Overture Sheer Shades: https://www.zebrablinds.com/virtual-cord-z-wave-overture-sheer-shades
Virtual Cord Fresco Roman Shades: https://www.zebrablinds.com/virtual-cord-z-wave-fresco-roman-shades

Video of the Mezzanine and Overture Sheer without Z-wave motors. Videos with Z-wave will be up soonish:

Will be updated tomorrow.

Not updated yet but will be available in 1 - 2 weeks time. Wall mounts for the additional remote will be available. The mount lets you install the remote on the wall like you would a switch. Pricing will be provided when available for purchase.

Launch Discounts on NEW PRODUCTS ONLY (Ends March 20, 2017)
Save 18% when you configure and add the products to your shopping cart!

Additional Notes:
The sheer shades have a light gap, so please be aware that on all inside mount installations you are expecting atleast an 1" on each side for a total of 2". On outside mounts you should add atleast 2" on each side for proper overlap of the window opening.

So it looks like I’ll be getting my shades tomorrow. Just started pricing Lithium batteries… Ouch! I should have ordered the wall transformers.


Customers have reported pretty good lifetime with the Kirkland Alkaline batteries from Costco (We have personally never tested them). Good lithium ions should go for 6 - 12 months easy.

Has anyone had any luck using/controlling these blinds via HomeKit (by way of HomeBridge)? If so, feel free to share which plugin you used and your overall experience.

Haven’t tried it, but it should be possible. I can give it a go this weekend and send you an update.

Awesome. Thanks Neal!

I tried the device handlers mentioned way up here, but I’m not sure how I would monitor remote/shade battery status with smartthings? I don’t see that mentioned in the properties for each device.

I have 4 Bali Autoview roller shades, a remote for each, and a 3-button remote for controlling all 4.

Shade battery status should start displaying using the following DH by @whoismoses : https://github.com/ericvitale/ST-Z-Wave-Shade/tree/master

I don’t think it shows on the remote, I would have to double check.

I apologize if this has been asked before, but is there any plan for a Z-Wave version of the skylight blinds? I know you can hook the current motorized ones in using a bridge, but I’d rather not deal with that. We’re still in the early stages of home automation and my wife isn’t completely sold so anything overly complicated will not go over well with her.


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