Z-Wave Extenders?

Does anyone know what Z-Wave Extenders work with SmartThings?

I’ve got a couple of Fibaro Relays outside controlling my waterfall and lighting, but they are so temperamental due to the weak signal. Sometimes it can take up to 20 seconds to receive a command!

Extenders were useful for version three of zwave, but we’re now at version five (zwave plus) and they just aren’t needed anymore. Starting with version 4, which was released a couple of years ago, pretty much any mains powered Z wave device except for smoke sensors will also act as a repeater, which is all you need. Also, since generation 4 all the devices work at full signal strength, there’s no need for a “booster” like you might use with Wi-Fi.

Popular repeaters in the UK are pocket sockets and inwall relays. Also Z wave mains powered wall switches if you have a neutral at the switchbox. But there’s no reason to buy a single purpose extender anymore.


You’ll get the best range from a Z wave plus device. At £29, the TKB pocket socket is popular. Check Vesternet, and filter by “zwave plus” to see the options that will give you the best range. :sunglasses:


Hmm ok thanks.

I’ve got an Osram Lightify bulb in the back bedroom, where, if i put the hub, the outside stuff works fine. I’m not sure if the Lightify bulbs act as repeaters though.

They’re connected through SmartThings directly, however given they can’t be connected to Hue, they might be ZigBee.

I’ll give that plug a try

Lightify bulbs use zigbee, so they won’t help with your Z wave issues. Zigbee repeats only for zigbee, Z wave repeats only for Z wave.

There are some Z wave light bulbs you can get if that’s convenient. In Europe there is a zwave plus bulb made by Domitech. They will pair using the generic Z wave dimmer DTH (Zwave doesn’t distinguish between a bulb and a switch.)


There are also zwave RGBW bulbs made by Aeon Labs and Zipabox, but both are considerably more expensive than the Domitech (which is white only, no colors). But all the bulbs cost more than that TKB pocket socket, one reason it’s popular.

Z Wave bulbs will act as repeaters as long as they have power, and have not had the dropped message problem that people have reported with the zigbee versions.

Well, I picked up the TKB socket, but I cannot for the life of me get this to pair.

Has anyone used one of these? I’ve pushed the button 3 times, but it doesn’t show up

I have a lot of these and they are very reliable. I’ve had them a long time now and do not recall any issues pairing.

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Cracked it. Had to run an exclusion on the device first