Zwave Repeater/Extender

I need advise to extend my smartthings hub Zwave signal to my backyard landscape lights and pool light.

I have a GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Module 12720 that connects to my landscape lights transformer and s GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch 12722 that controls my pool light. My problem is I cannot really get a good signal out there and when I turn the lights (either of them) on or off there is a delay of about 15-30 seconds… Anyone know of a zwave outdoor plug for a lamp or something I can use to register to my smartthings hub and help repeat the zwave signal so my outdoor lights do not delay whem I turn on or off?

This is a zwave plus outlet that should do the trick


Does this device have to be turned on for it to repeat the signal?

No, it just has to be plugged in to a power source.

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the delay seems strange. I would not expect an additional repeater (any permanent-powered Zwave device) to help, since you are already getting commands, but try Zwave Repair = phoneapp/ MyHome/ menu/ gear-icon/ HubIsOnline/ Zwave Utilities/ Repair .

If you add new Zwave devices then when they are moved into final location, repeat the Repair.

If Zwave is still slow then you could try one or more Zigbee switches in a string back to your hub - might respond differently. Turn hub off for 15+ minutes to repair Zigbee .

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Delays of this type can happen when you are right on the edge of range and you have a number of message transmission failures. So it takes two or three tries to get the message through, which is why you see the delay. Or it may be that the preferred repeater is unavailable.

This actually happens more often with outdoor devices because humidity in the air can block signal, so it can mean that different paths are available on different days depending on the weather.

I would definitely try just running a Z wave repair first. The repair utility just causes all the Z wave devices you have to update their neighbor tables so they know who their closest neighbors are. This will make the entire network more efficient.

Anytime you add a new repeater to your network, you need to run the network repair so that your older devices will know the repeater is there. Otherwise they may just ignore it. The same thing applies when you move a device to a new location. The repair will cause the neighbor tables to be updated. :sunglasses:

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That was it!!! Thank you! I ran the zwave repair and it ran for 20 minutes and then I was able to turn on and off my landscape lights and my pool light with no delay at all.