Z-wave configuration

Is it possible to apply configuration to a z-wave device what is sleeping or will only be applied when it wakes up?

It has to be awake to receive the configuration command. So it’s not simply that the configuration command will be delayed until the device wakes up – – any configuration command sent while the device is asleep will be ignored completely. You have to resend it when the device is awake.

This is why the most certain way to get a configuration change to take for a battery-powered device is to physically manipulate the device.

Of course mains- powered devices don’t sleep, so you can send them a configuration command whenever.

Thank you.

Are there any working samples I could use for configuration management?

Do you mean code samples?

The Fibaro multisensor is a very complex device with many adjustable parameters – – you could look at any of the device handlers for it that allow parameter settings. Here’s one example:

Yes this looks good. Thank you.

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