Z-wave Add-on switch that acts as a repeater?

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I thinking of replacing a 4-way switch setup with some in-wall Z-Wave switches. As I understand it I want GE 14291 as the master and GE 12723 for the add-on switches. I have, however, gotten mixed messages as to if the add-on switches will serve as a Z-wave repeater. Does anyone know for certain? Jasco support told me it does (only after I explained what a Z-wave repeater was) … but the product documentation / features doesn’t mention it (and implies its really just a rather dumb switch that doesn’t care about the protocol used by the master).

I guess my questions are:

  • will the GE 12723 act as a Z-wave repeater?
  • Alternatively, could you use a full blown 14291 as an add-on switch in a 4-way setup?
  • Are there other suggestions as to 4-way add-on switches where each switch can act as a repeater in the network?


GE add on switches do not have a radio of any kind – – they communicate with their master switch via pulse over physical traveler wires. So the add on switches are invisible to smartthings and they cannot act as a repeater. From the manufacturer page:

Can this be used by itself with a SmartThings, Wink, Iris, or other Home Automation Hub?
The Add-on switch (12723) is not a standalone switch, and cannot work by itself in any situation. It is designed to physically connect to a GE In-Wall Smart Lighting Control Switch, Dimmer, or Fan Control in a multi-switch configuration through the traveler wire e.g. 3 or 4-Way configuration. If you are installing a single pole switch you will need a Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Bluetooth In-Wall primary switch. For more information about the Add-On Switch, please visit www.ezaddonswitch.com.

The support person just got confused because they call it a zwave switch even though it doesn’t have a zwave radio.

There are some companies that make Auxiliary switches that do have their own zwave radios: for these, you set them up in a three-way as a “virtual three-way“ with no physical traveler wire required. They include some models of Cooper and linear/goControl. These will act as repeaters.


Thanks JD!

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