Do all powered Zwave devices act as zwave repeaters/extenders?

I’ve seen that some devices spell that out in the description while others do not. For instance, this GE Switch does not spell that out.

However I’ve seen that some GE switches do. Any help would be appreciated.

A general rule of thumb, though it may not always be the case, is if it plugs in, it’s likely to act as a repeater. If it’s battery operated, it will not

Roger that. Thanks for the quick response. I’ll do some more digging on that switch as I would like to buy a few and have them work as network extenders.

Yes. All powered Z-Wave devices act as repeaters/extenders. The only exception would be a device that can use either battery or plug-in, or a remote that plugs in to charge – the decision doesn’t change after pairing like it works with the original SmartSense Motion Sensor. If a device is designed to always be plugged in or mains-powered, it is required to act as a repeater.

In the next version of Z-Wave they might change the repeater behavior somewhat for lightbulbs, now that those are becoming a category of Z-Wave device, because they have the possibility of being turned off at the switch and no longer available for repeating.

Thanks for the information.