Is it possible to use the GE's 14291 smart switch as an add-on?

Hi all,

I just got a smartthings hub and am now in the process of converting all my house’s switches to smart ones. Current count is 62 :slight_smile:

I have already installed GE’s 14291 as a test. I am happy with it. Now I am planning to replace all the other switches in the house with the same model. Here’s the question…

Can I use the 14291 in a multi-switch configuration? Yes, I can get the add-ons instead but I’d like to use the 14291 because it has the blue light indicator. I have from 2-way to 5-way configurations. I am ok buying the 14291 for all of them if it’s ok to wire/use some of them as add-ons.

Since i am going to buy so many, anyone know a place for bulk purchases in the US?

Thank you,

Unfortunately you cannot. You will have to get the add on ones . I am an electrical contractor and I install and program these switches every day. The blue light is a nice factor on the switches and I always wondered why they did not incorporate that into the add ons. Also I have tried every combination to try to make the master switch work at both locations, and sad to say, it just does not. Your best bet is to get the add ons and save yourself hours of trying like I did . Good luck

Thank you Nick.