Youtube Music on Samsung Soundbar via Wifi


I am currently thinking about switching from Spotify to Youtube Music, because there I could combine a premium account for listening to music and watching ad-free videos for almost the same money.
But on Spotify I am using the option to play music over wifi on my Samsung soundbar (HW-Q935B).
Youtube Music also has the option to cast the music to other devices, but I can’t find my Samsung soundbar there.
So is it a problem within my environment or is there generally no Youtube Music support?
And is it planned in the future?

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My experience with Google casting options is that there has to be a Chromecast hardware to cast to. That can be the TV itself or a USB Chromast stick added to the TV.

There is no direct cast from YouTube to the soundbar but you can use the YT app on your TV to play through the soundbar, depending on how recent your TV is.

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Does the soundbar have Bluetooth?

It has bluetooth, but the advantage with Spotify and Wifi is, that I can start it from standby. So these workarounds don’t offer the same kind of comfort. With bluetooth I would have to start it manually before casting and for the youtube app on the TV the TV also has to be started before i could cast.
I am just wondering, in many comparisons between Youtube Music and Spotify reviewers are claiming that there are no disadvantages anymore on YTM, that’s why I’m asking

I have a q910a samsung sound bar and both youtube music and spotify. They both can find and cast music to the bar. Have you tried adding the sound bar to google home? Link up smartthings and google home so the device is shown in google home