YouTube Channel for you! (drop your video ideas)

Hey Guys and Gals. I’ve been a SmartThings user for about a year now and have some pretty decent knowledge with the system. I also had some past experience with video production. They are both my side passions and thought I’d combine them into one! So, TaylorTech’s Youtube channel was born. I’m writing this to get ideas on videos I can create for the community. If there is anything you want to see a how to video on or a DIY build of some of the more challenging things, I will try to make it happen. I like budget builds and integrations so that’s what I shoot for, but anything works. If you have a couple minutes, please consider subscribing and check out some of the videos already made. Thank you!

My Channel:

Latest Video:

Sonoff integration:

VLC Thing and Big Talker:

Harmony Hub and the Echo:


Great work! is already a fan and subscriber ;-).


Thanks @tgauchat
I plan on doing another ActionTiles Vid soon so stay tuned! And keep up the great work!

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Awesome, hope you take suggestions for projects :slight_smile:


Great videos @Drew650


New video up. Using Eric’s custom firmware to make it work with smartthings. Very happy with how well it works. Quite possibly a Philips Hue replacement.

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