Your most creative use of HA Tech?

I have a Hue in the entry way and another in my housemate’s room that turns blue when I enter the front yard. This lets both my dog and my housemate know that I’m on my way in in case I need help with the door. :sunglasses: :bulb: :dog:

Is you dog able to tell the difference between the colors or is it just the light going on that alerts him/her? I know it’s a myth that dogs can only see black and white but I do know they are limited somewhat with colors (red maybe? too lazy to look up right now).

Dogs can see blue and yellow quite clearly, but not most other colors. (Green and orange both look yellow to them).

We use blue and yellow color coding on a lot of things in the house, so I did test to see that he could distinguish the blue light and he can. :sunglasses:


that looks good and the ST can interact with it with the usual efficiency with Sonos… haha Dont know how I never saw that particular item.

If you’re a Mac user, look ar @obycode’s Music app for iTunes turns your iTunes into an ST compatible music player. Then add an airport express to your speakers as a source.

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My wife is currently recovering from some surgery. And since I spend a good chunk of time in the basement, I might not hear her yell for me if she needs some help. So all she needs to do is press button #4 on any of the minimotes around the house and a light will turn on in the basement & the Sonos will say, " Murray, get your a$$ up stairs, your beautiful wife needs some help".

When she gets better, I will definitely delete that function.

Also when my pool is full of kids, it’s fun to press a button and announce over my Sonos; “The pool pee detector is now armed, if you pee in my pool a large electrical shock will be sent to your body”. I always make sure they have my attention to make sure they hear it.


If she lets you. :slight_smile: 20 char


I have an airport express connected right now to run it. Thanks!! That saves $500 over a sonos amp…

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Just be sure to use @obycode’s GitHub code for the smart apps and the device type. The “official” ST stuff is old and has some bugs.

This one is pretty simple really…

I have my Foyer Lights turn on when the front door is opened. If the door closes then the lights turn off after 3 minutes. If the door stays open, they turn off after 5 minutes.

My Front Porch lights turn on at 4:30 pm and off at 9 pm. If the front door opens after 9 pm it means either someone is at the door or we are leaving the house. So, the foyer lights do their thing and the porch lights come on as well, then back off after 10 minutes.

The porch lights also come on upon any of us arriving after 9 pm.

I’ve got another for my master bedroom that’s pretty good as well.

I installed your smart app and it works great reporting my open and closed contacts but whenever I add the option to turn lights off, it stops working altogether. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried re-installing the app twice and it did it both times.

New forum tag: project_iyf. Check it out. :sunglasses:

IYF? In Your Face?

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Impress Your Friends.

Pretty much everybody who has a service dog has run into the situation where a friend asks what the dog can do and you’ll list out things like turn on light switches, help me get dressed, pick up the TV remote if I drop it, and the friends will just kind of nod and go “how nice.”

But then you say “bring me a beer from the fridge” and everybody goes –“awesome, I wish my dog could do that!”

(not my dog, but mine knows the same behavior)

So we call those IYF behaviors. It’s not that they’re not practical, it’s just that they have this immediate impact that the other ones don’t.

Seems like home automation stuff fell into the same kind of categorization, so I used that for the tag.


Mine is the rude version of yours. I’ll go with yours. :wink:

BMW drivers can use mine! (I only kid!)

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Your dig is awesome! My dog is named Dug for a reason.

He plays this great game of fetch. Brings me a toy, I then chase him until he drops it. As I pick it up he snatches it away and runs off.

Such a great dog…