Your Christmas Wishlist of Devices!

Yea I’m looking for the magnet ones and that’s where they get you unfortunately! :frowning:

It’s already hard enough convincing my wife to use Alexa to control the lights and if I took the approach or using the switch locks held in with screws I think that might make her a tiny bit more upset! These things take time to get used to so figured the magnetic ones would work haha!

There are different styles of the cheaper ones. You can’t tell from the photo, but the ones I got are open on the side so they can still be used without having to take them down. They just serve as a reminder.

Ahh I will definitely take a look then, that might work! Thanks!

Just superglue the switches in place. Problem solved!

Hahaha I think at that point if I did that, she would take all the HA and throw it in the garage. Slow steps, slow steps! :smile:

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why not just unhook the switches entirely then… just tie the hot and load together.

Because I want everything to still work even if the home automation is down. Once you hotwire the bulbs you run the danger of not being able to turn them on or off if the failure is in the home automation system.

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Wish the wife would be more on board with the HA. Wouldn’t be so bad if she understood technology. lol

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Yea I went to Home Depot and had the same conversation with the guy there about just tieing the hot/load together and then putting a face plate over and essentially getting rid of the switch toggling per say but ,like @JDRoberts mentioned, I would have a slight issue if ST ever broke (which has happened) or the lights disconnected from ST (which also have happened) and then the light would be on all the time forcing me to definitely take action whereas, worst case, with switch guards I would just be resetting the light and adding it to ST again haha!

As an update, after searching multiple stores leading to not great results (since most of my switches are rockers) I decided to go back to Amazon and get the following ones in bulk…

They solve 3 of the issues I need to fix…

  1. The prevent accidental toggling of the lights by family or even friends or anyone visiting the house that isn’t familar or not used to my HA lights (which has happened so many times accidentally it’s not funny haha).
  2. Even with screws attached, they still allow a small section to manually turn on the light should you need to.
  3. They still look aesthetically pleasing per say (not the best) but wayyyyy better than some of the other ones I’ve seen.

In bulk, they average out to a little over $2 each which isn’t baddddd but when I went in Home Depot all they had were the standard switch guards (no rocker) for $2 for 2 so $1 a piece so ehhh, pay a tiny bit more so both rocker and standard switch guards look the same and look better haha!

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I think the hardest part is definitely getting used to the change which can require a great deal of effort haha. Everybody’s home is different but I’m trying to switch control of most of the home lights and such over to Alexa with ST. I first started with the living room where we watch TV and slowly added more rooms in so as to not piss off my wife by saying…“Guess whattttt Alexa for everything, no more switches” haha.

Before Alexa, I had the UBI and while it integrated with ST it was mostly a failure in terms of voice recognition (and rarely understood what you were saying) which set me back very far in terms of HA with my wife. I mean the stupid crappy hub would default to saying “You are not my friend” whenever it didn’t understand what you were saying. That is not a joke, I wish I recorded that one day so you can believe me haha. Whoever thought of that crap should have been fired as that’s not a funny joke. Ultimately it ended up where she was having a bad day and tried turning the living room lights on and it said “You are not my friend” again so she went right over, unplugged it, and said “I’m done with this crap, no more” haha!

Luckily Alexa has been somewhat flawless so far and I think she likes Alexa waaaayy better but the trust factor is taking time haha!

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@fstbusa What version of smartthings app do u have? It looks completely different to mine and also has more option, like icons to trigger actions and also much more sonos options than i have

That is a video from the ST page. It was used as a setup guide for using Sonos with ST.
They have completely revamped the app interface since that time.

It used to look prettier :stuck_out_tongue:

Version 2.06(1214) on my iPhone 6 and 2.07 build 202276 on my Android tablet.

That also wasn’t my video. Just a quick Google search to help the guy with the question about sonos

Hey which app are you using for your Sonos currently? I’m assuming at this point that in order to get the speaker to state custom messages (such as “Your clothes are now washed”) you need to use the approach @SergioDJ mentioned at the following link below which involves using the ST template “Speaker Notify with Sound”.

Those are the switch covers I use too. Here is my front door. Light switch for outside stays on, switch for inside can be changed. Outside stays on because there are three lights connected. Two by the car come on at sunset, off at sunrise. The one by the front door comes on with motion. So I don’t want that switch turned off. Both switches are GE 12722.

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Awesome, thanks for the picture also! I have almost the same identical setup you do as well haha!

How about the screws? I heard you need to buy longer screws as some of the ones that come with the switch plates aren’t long enough?

True. They barely grab, so I need to replace them. I live a block away from HD though.

Do you have two of the 12722’s next to each other? I realized I had to clip the metal tabs on the front off so they could fit next to each other.

Nope, I replaced most of the switches to rockers way before I decided to take HA more seriously (most due to the upfront cost haha) whereas now it’s just slowely adding whatever device I want one after after.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the 12722’s are the zwave switches right? Don’t you need a neutral wire also connected to those since the electronics need that constant power flowing through to operate? I don’t have many neutral wires so I’d have to add one in, and since that’s not done in a lot of places unfortunately, it would be a bit more work than I wanted to sign up for so I just used basic rocker switches from HD, especially since I’m not an electrician but could still do it regardless though haha!

yes they do require a neutral.