Yonomi Blog Article: Best Smart Home Tech for Your Air BnB rental (April 2019)

I thought this was an interesting blog post from Yonomi about the best tech for an Airbnb rental. I would agree with their choices but would add one more: Amazon echo.

Yonomi is a free third-party app that provides IFTTT type functionality for a specific list of devices. There are some community members using it particularly for Sonos and harmony integration, but it doesn’t itself work with SmartThings.

Their blog highlights devices they do work with, but it often has interesting articles on Home Automation topics that apply to any platform. Like this one. :sunglasses:


What use cases do you have in mind for Amazon echo in a rental situation?
I would be concerned about privacy issues (drop in, “accidental” cloud recording, etc.).

Privacy, what privacy

Just the usual convenience cases. I would probably leave an Echo Dot unplugged and tell people they can plug it in if they want to use it. It will likely be people who have one at home and are used to it, including families with kids, people with physical challenges using light switches, just people who like to have one. Also you could use custom skills for information about the house or local amenities. There’s no camera with the dot, so that takes care of that issue.

Amazon actually has a whole project called “Alexa for hospitality” intended for hotels and guest spaces. It has some special privacy features.


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