Yeelight integration

Anyone has Yeelight bulbs or strip working with smartthings correctly? I have 2 bulbs and 1 strip added in the new app integration, and every couple of days it logs out of Yeelight integration and become offline, only works again if I login again. Am I the only one with this problem? V3 hub bought on UK and using in Portugal.

Have you tried contacting Yeelight? They wrote and own the integration, so they may be able to answer better.

Yes, emailed them and waiting for the reply, if they will answer.

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Yeelight strips are now officially supported I just finished adding 2 of them and they work like a charm with new app.

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Yeelight strip 2? I see the device via mi connector in my smartthings app, however it doesn’t react when I try to control it from my app. I appreciate any help.

Thank you

Which app are you using? New app or

you don’t need to use mi connector, just use the new app go to Add devices and Yeelight is within the devices list once you will you will need to authorize it to work with ST. sorry for delay response i response. Did not reveive the comment update via email.


I’m using both

Yeelight manual control will only work from the new app and automation control will only work with non-Groovy smart apps

Yeelight can be controlled in the old app, if you assign the bulbs as rgbw lights in IDE.

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Same here. Always becaming offline.

The problem is… Yeelight becames offline after a couple of days. We need to log in again with yeelight credentials

Had that problem, and solved it by deleting the integration and deleted the bulbs from yeelight app and added back and then added the integration in smartthings again, it worked for me, it keeps the login and is stable for more than 1 month, the only thing is the lights become offline in the app but it still works and after turn on or off the appear online for some time.

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Has anyone managed to work out how to get the colour flow thingy to work, maybe with a scene?
Thanks in advance…

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First , I connected Yeelight with China Mainland server and I found that Yeelight in Smartthings often offline. Later , I change Yeelight to connect with Singapore server and not found any problem again. So If anyone found problem about yeelight integration maybe try change server of yeelight.

This doesn’t solve the issue.

Is anyone else still getting devices showing offline in the new samsung smart things app.
Tempted to dump smartthings as the lamps keep dropping offline.

I had the same problem, and the only solution was to make a piston in webcore to refresh the lights every 10 minutes, and that way the lights never go offline.

I’ve made this piston but it’s still offline.

I have 4 Yeelight bulbs all working fine in the native app. In ST however, 3 of the 4 now show as offline. They had been fine until the last week or so.