Yale Zigbee keyless deadbolt $85 amazon Prime after coupon "LOCKS485"

There’s a coupon code “LOCKS485” to buy this lock for $85, on Amazon, but you must buy from seller MyDigitalDiscount. I don’t have this lock, but for the price, I think I’m going to try it out. It’s Zigbee and overall I prefer zwave, but the zwave is more expensive.

A thread including DTH for these locks:


Schlage 469s are $120 if purchased through Alexa

That’s a really great price. I prefer ZigBee for the battery life and faster update status over Z-Wave (though with Z-Wave Plus locks now entering the market that changes). If you want access to more features and lock codes, I recommend my DTH. EDIT: which I guess is already linked above. :rofl:

Thank you! I would have preferred Schlage - but I could not pass up this price.

Thanks for the heads up. Just bought one at that price.

I snooze, I lose. Used the right seller, but the coupon was rejected. Guess it’s over.

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Code still works if you use choose the Oil Rubbed Bronze version, just now.

Thanks @Natec,

If you apply for the Amazon card + the Promo Code + Gift Card I forgot I had added, it is $15 . I Just Ordered it for $15 + Free shipping for tomorrow!

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Darn! I need a new lock and I missed it. Any other deals?

Just curious, so I know for future reference, how did you find this out? I’ve been wanting one of those and $120 is a pretty good price.

Either ask Alexa what her deals are , or visit Amazon.com/Alexadeals

Home Depot had the lock & Latch set on sale a couple weeks ago for $160. The Schlage locks are on sale fairly regularly

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I also use an app called SlickDeals and set deal alerts for Zigbee and Z-wave so I am aware of these flash sales when they occur.


Cool I’ll set that up too.

Warning! I bought the lock from Amazon with Zigbee included.
It arrived today - and no Zigbee module.
This promises to be a battle…

Ouch, that is not cool. Hopefully if they can’t provide the module, at least you could get Amazon to accept the return/refund- I believe generally Amazon is more favorable to the customer than the reseller…

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That sucks. I definitely hope they’ll give you the module. Yale makes great locks and that price was amazing but I have a feeling they’ll only offer a refund. I’m rooting for you.

I may have reported in haste - Yale tech support told me I had no module;
that it should have been in a separate box.
I now suspect they were wrong. More to follow…

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While I don’t have any Yale locks, I have never heard of ZigBee module coming not installed in a consumer device. More likely you got an uneducated CS rep and they were referring to ZigBee controller not the ZigBee radio in the lock being a separate device.

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It is official - I apologize to Amazon, I apologize to MyDigitalDiscount.
Lock connected to my hub using Zigbee. Door unlocks / locks using my tablet. I am happy…
Not real happy with Yale CS. He tried to convince me if I got $45 off, it did not include the module.
For reference: module hides in the battery compartment. No obvious way to remove it.
Also: Nothing in the documentation that comes with the lock mentions Zigbee or Zwave.
Not on the box, not in the printed instructions. All is well that ends well…

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