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Yale Z-wave Deadbolt $104; Push button lever lock $159 (YRL210-ZW-619) Amazon


Deadbolt $104 Satin Nickel

This appears to be the lowest price seen yet for this lock on Amazon, usually going for about $200.

Here’s the thread with discussion on the device type people are using with this lock:

Anyone have any first-hand experience with it before I pull the trigger?

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Yale is an excellent lock. The difference between this and other locks are additional features and the design/looks.
If you’re looking for a simple deadbolt this is pretty good. Anything specific you’re looking for in a lock?


Yeah, these do look pretty good. I think it would be nice to also find a lock that doesn’t have an external electronic keypad and which doesn’t advertise its “electronicness”.

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I’m like 99% sure I’ve seen one. Think it was a schlage, though could have been kwikset. Trying to find it again, will post if I do.

Edit: found it, it’s a kwikset.


I think I saw one somewhere too, but it might have been bluetooth, and it still had a lighted blue ring around the keyhole…


There is a Kwikset version that does not have a keypad. It is really just a 910 without the keypad.

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Yeah that’s the kwikset kevo. I edited my post above, they make a z-wave one without keypad.