Yale YRD220 and SHM (Smart Home Monitor) Arm/Disarm

I’m thinking of buying a Yale YRD220 Deadbolt and am wondering if anyone is using it to disarm Smart Home Monitor when its unlocked, and arm it when it’s locked (and no one is home).

Any input is appreciated.

In case anyone sees this and wants to know what I ended up doing…

I did buy a Yale YRD220. I’m using RBoy’s “Lock Multi User Management with Unlock Notifications, Advanced Scheduling and Automatic Lock/Unlock” SmartApp and custom device handler. It works great for managing codes, features, and disarming SHM when someone unlocks the lock. I’m still looking for a way to arm SHM when someone locks the door with a code. Note: the YRD220 can be set up to lock on touch, auto lock, or lock with a code only.