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Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration


(Andrew Cole) #61

Will this work with any of the EF range of Yale alarms or is it just a specific model?



(Daniel McDougall) #62

If you can use the yale home app on your phone with it then it should work

(Daniel McDougall) #63

So I will put on some Detailed instructions soon but I have got the contact sensors updating pretty dam regularly

I started using CORE
its like a rules engine that can do many many things but I am just using it to refresh these sensors.
They are near live, don’t know what kind of impact that will have in the long term.

let me know if any one is interested and I’ll prioritise writing up some instructions.

(Daniel McDougall) #64

did you get anywhere with this, need any help.

(Germaine Wilson) #65

Hiya mate, no I didn’t get anywhere with it but that’s because I had a number of broadband related faults which have now been rectified so I’m looking at it again.
SmartThings (Alexa) allows me to fully arm or disarm but not part arm. I don’t have the option to state what process I want it to carry out. On your applet I can specify and that works perfectly but it doesn’t seem to play nicely with SmartThings itself.



I’m just wondering if you got anywhere with live updating the status of the alarm system? It would be great if it could live update so I can see the status if it’s set or unset not through Smartthings without manually refreshing - did you manage to automate this?

Thanks - and great app!


(Daniel McDougall) #67

Its not live but its pretty close,

I installed CORE (Community rules engine) smart app
and i have a piston (fancy name for scenario)
which goes something like this

when state not changed in 30 seconds then refresh then wait 31 seconds and fire piston again

this basically keeps it refreshing every 30 seconds

i also force the piston to fire every time my smartthings state changes, this keeps things moving as i have noticed CORE stops working every now and again.

this means when i leave and arm my house it forces the refresh and that keeps cycling. eventually it will stop (dont know why) which is why i have put in rules like when my outdoor motion sensor picks something up then start firing again etc…

I should really put some screenshots and instructions up but ive just noticed your post and i am in work and if i wait i will forget.

happy to answer any questions.


Thanks for that! Finally got CORE working, took a few attempts its working great now. Did you discover if it was possible for the status of the alarm to change to ‘burglar’ or alarm if it has been triggered?

Thanks for your help

(Daniel McDougall) #69

Im almost 100 pc positive at this stage that it isnt possible to trigger the siren from any non yale items. The only thing i can think is maybe the yale cctv cameras introduce an option but thats just guess work.

This is useful to me mainly so i know if ive left a window open when i leave the house


I’m thinking more that if the alarm triggers itself using its own sensors then smartthings can see that status instead of arm/disarm/home arm - so triggering a routine… Does that sound possible? My knowledge of code is very limited but wasn’t sure if when an alarm has triggered the status of the alarm would be a mode that would allow this?

(Daniel McDougall) #71

Im sure you could but dont understand for what purpose?


So that the ‘alarm triggered’ status can trigger a further routine (i.e. Turn lights on, send a notification etc)

It would be good to be able to trigger an event if the alarm goes off

(Daniel McDougall) #73

Ahh in this case i would do something else really. Id use the universal device handler.
When the email/sms from yale hits i would use ifttt to trigger a virtual switch which you have set to show as a motion sensor or something which triggers the smart home monitor in smartthings.

I do something similar with my floodlight camera from ring. Let me find the link to the device handler

(Daniel McDougall) #74

So use this

Create a virtual switch with it that is activated by ifttt when you get your yale burglar alarm email.

Have its output set to a virtual motion sensor or some such.

Set that motion sensor up with smartthings home monitor and you have an working smartthings solution.

Hope that covers what you are after. If ive understood

(Daniel McDougall) #75

I now have the Yale Conexis L1 Smart lock.

I got the yale module for it and started to play around with what could be done with it.

It can only unlock the door.

If the five point lock is engaged the door will re-lock itself after about 30 seconds
At no point the state of the lock sent to the smart alarm. (so very annoyed by this)
I’ve hurriedly made an unlocking device handler for it but i think i am going to try the Zwave handler and see what it can do.

(John Lockwood) #76

For what it’s worth Yale’s owner Assa Abloy are in the process of purchasing August the leading smart lock maker.

The August smart lock does I believe report a lot more information and even has a sensor to confirm whether the door is properly closed.

Perhaps the August technology and platform will be added to other e.g. Yale locks.

I am hoping that Assa Abloy make the August lock suitable and available in Europe. Currently it is only for the US and as a result only has US Z-Wave frequency and the bridge for remote access has a US power supply. Also currently it only supports US deadbolts and not Europrofile locks. (An enterprising Chinese entrepreneur has made an adapter plate that makes it able to operate a Europrofile lock.)

(Ian lockton) #77

Hi, how would I get a Yale power switch to activate when alarm goes off. I want to connect a strobe light to disorientate on entry. Thinking it has to be connected to a PIR or contact. New to all this so not a clue… thanks

(Daniel McDougall) #78

If it’s a yale power switch the I’ll need to know the url you press to activate it from the website and I can write something so you can build that into smart things. Once in smart things your best bet is to use ifttt to activate the switch if you get a yale burglar email

(Mark C) #79

Hi im new to ST ive added the code as a device handler but i have no idea on how to now add my yale alarm as a thing in the app. Could someone help

(Daniel McDougall) #80

Hi Mark. You want to add the device from the So I like you did the device handler.

Go into the devices page. Add new device and select your yale device handler from the drop down.

It will ask you for other things like network is and things but just make it up if you aren’t sure.

Once you’ve created the device here then you should see it in the app.

Press settings button in the device to add the username and password