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Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration


(Mark C) #81

Thanks for that even make up the device id?

(Daniel McDougall) #82

Sure thing

(Mark C) #83

Thanks its working. How do i select between the home and away arming in the automation?

(Daniel McDougall) #84

Away is turning it on as a switch.
Home is locking as a lock


Hi All,

I have followed this thread and can confirm everything is working perfect. I used Pollster [smart app] "Pollster" - A SmartThings Polling Daemon to refresh the sensors every minute. Thanks tapion your a life saver.

(Daniel McDougall) #86

Thanks for using it

(John McCreedy) #87

Thanks for sharing this DH I been waiting ages and finally stumbled across this thread.

I don’t know where I went wrong but the Yale contact sensor reports “Closed” for when the contact is opened or closed!

Any suggestion how I can correct this so it shows as opened when it is open?

(Daniel McDougall) #88

Even if you refresh it?

(John McCreedy) #89

Yeah, I have Pollster refreshing every minute also done several manual refresh.

The contact has been open for 3 hours now and still showing as closed!

(John McCreedy) #90

Ok, So I managed to get it to work, I tried with different Zone numbers, It needs to be 1 lower in ST.

So Yale zone is 12 but need to enter 11 on ST.

Once again thanks for this Thread have now successfully added 8 Contact sensors.

Now need to figure out how to refresh say every 10 seconds, Currently the nearest I can get is 1 Minute!

(Daniel McDougall) #91

Glad you got it sorted cos I was stumped

(John Lockwood) #92

If the mismatch of zone numbers between Smartthings and Yale is consistent and occurs for everyone would this suggest it would be best fixed by adding a standard adjustment in the code to compensate?

(craig bennett) #93

im having a problem where arming away only does a part arm any idea why this could be happening

(Daniel McDougall) #94

Hi guys sorry I’ve been quiet for a bit had a lot going on with work and stuff. I will tidy up the code and start a github and such soon.

(Mark C) #95

ive been working on this it worked fine as an automation but when using the tiles the actions were wroung

not sure what the ‘toggle’ does so not played with that


Hi Dan, great work here. I notice you have a Yale smart lock - I’ve just installed a Yale Keyfree Connected lock.

I’ve been contemplating whether to get the yellow Yale module (which integrates the lock with Yale Smart Alarm) or the green z-wave module. I originally was going to go z-wave but your thread/code on integrating with the Yale smart alarm has tipped me back to installing the yellow Yale module, in which case…

Would your code allow SmartThings to register when the lock is unlocked use that as a trigger to disarm the alarm. Was thinking that detecting lock being unlocked may be more reliable than geofencing and also cater for the dog-walker who has an entry code.

Thanks in advance

(Jack) #97

Sorry for the dumb question… im looking at buying an alarm to integrate with my ST Hub. Ive read through the comments and it was asked but not sure if it works yet. Can i use my (xiaomi) sensors for the alarm? Also how do I add this, ive created the DH from the code above but not sure if ive done it right as i cannot see it on the app.

(Daniel McDougall) #98

Hi yale module allows you to unlock. That’s it. Can’t query the state of the lock or if it’s been unlocked. However battery wise it has no drain.

Yale zwave module 1 you can query state but you can’t lock remotely only unlock. It does record opening and closing but not burns through batteries

Zwave module 2 is better on batteries and can otherwise do the same as module 1 but more reliably.

I’ve had to uninstall all my modules as they all eat batteries to ridiculous degrees

(Daniel McDougall) #99

Hey Jack

No you can’t use non yale sensors to trigger the yale siren.
If I were to start again I would probably get a zwave compliant external siren instead

(Daniel McDougall) #100

Once you have added the device handler you need to create a device and link it to the device handler.
You need to do this from the api not the app