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Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration


(Alex Godbehere) #41

@tapion1ives I ended up creating a new UUID to use as a cookie each time the OpenHAB instance starts and validating it using login. Works great! Thanks for all of your help.

I’ll eventually be submitting the addon to the OpenHAB official distro, but in the meantime if anyone would like a copy give me a shout.

(Daniel McDougall) #42

i have no idea what most of those words mean. and i doubt alot of the others on this thread do either lol.

So in english what have you done, what does it do. where can we find it and how do we set it up

(Bill) #43

I to have a few home automation from Telldus live and using lightwave as well as home cooked Arduino systems . . all 433mhz, not wanting to sound like the new boy . . but all I need is to arm a socket when my Yale smart alarm is armed and switch it off when disarmed . . Ideas or any help ???

(Daniel McDougall) #44

well first thing first is have you got the alarm set up in smartthings.

next you need to look at the switches and getting them set up in smartthings. i believe someone has written a handler for lightwaverf you should look in the community pages for that.

next once the are both set up in smartthings you can use the smartthings automation to say when the yale switch is set to armed then turn off lightwave switch.

(ryan edwards) #45

Hi Daniel
Massive thanks for posting this.
Came across it by accident.
I have the Yale system for a few years and very peeved that it wasn’t automated and not looking like it will be.
Used your code to create a on/off device handler and now have the system turning off and on automatically as I arrive and leave using proximity sensor (iphone) home which is lovely as was always forgetting to set it or annoying the neighbours when it went off.

Good works sir.

(Bill) #46

Hi Daniel, bought a smart things hub, copied your code created device handler . . etc. . works perfect , need to adjust your code as need a delay in arming cameras before alarm . . but may I thank you for the start to my automation . .

(Bill) #47

Hi Daniel, moving forward you mention you had the sensors working in ST from Yale, how did you get this to work?
What is the “call” or line to get sockets sensors
on/off etc.
If the get_panel_mode gets info, set_panel_mode plus XXXXX to get arm disarm, how did you find the commands for other panel application?


(Daniel McDougall) #48

Hi sparxBM,
Im confused what are you trying to do

  1. are you trying to get the door window contact sensors to report their state (open closed)
  2. The PIR sensors to report their state (movement detected)
  3. the official yale sockets to turn on off.
    4.Turn off other Non Yale switches based on the arm state of the alarm

or some combination of the above.

(Bill) #49

Hi Daniel thanks for the reply . .you mentioned you had the door contacts report their state, also how do I get the Yale socket to turn on/off with arm state?

I really needed to know how you got the cookie info on state or command for turning off/on a socket etc.

My main concern at present is to get the socket to turn on first before away alarm at a delay before arming. This is to allow the WiFI cameras time to self check (move) into position say 60 seconds then alarm the system.

Now I can set the yale alarm to 60 seconds delay easy . .but cannot find a method to switch the yale socket??? Any help to turn this on/off would be most appreciated.

(Germaine Wilson) #50

Hi Daniel, I was so excited when I saw this as it will make my life much easier to arm and disarm the house using my phone as the sensor. I created an IDE account and copied and pasted your code into my Homes Device Handler. I also created a virtual device to link the two. When I run the simulation I get a Groovy error - groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: mode for class: java.lang.String @ line 89

Line 89 states - if (YaleAlarmState.mode.contains("arm)) {

The only modification I made to the code was to replace the username and password inputs at lines 6 and 7 with my actual username and password for Yale (tried and tested).

Any assistance with jumping over this hurdle would be significantly appreciated.

Side note - as standard I have an orange button with a telephone handset labelled ‘UNKNOWN’ , in addition to the green buttons you have on your screenshot.

(Daniel McDougall) #51

you will need to capture the url that is fired when you click on the socket on off button in the website.

use fiddler to watch all the calls that are made as you are interacting

(Daniel McDougall) #52

hi germaine.

i recommend deleting the handler and the device and starting again.
you don’t need to enter the username and password in the handler you enter it in the device settings.

create a switch device
edit it
edit preferences
enter username and password here

(Germaine Wilson) #53

This has worked a charm!! Thanks so much. One minor issue I have but I will work around is that the switch only allows me to either Arm (Full) or Disarm the alarm. There is no option for Arm (Home) unless I’ve missed something!!

(Bill) #54

Hi Daniel, have loaded fiddler and there is a lot of activity to wade through to find the device required . . let me express my previous request, how do I get to turn on a Yale socket or indeed a smartthings socket when in full arm. I do appreciate that the forum is not just cut paste solved however am I missing something on this community that stops having to re-invent the wheel? any help is always appreciated

(Daniel McDougall) #55

Hey bill,
I find it really difficult to communicate on this forum tbh.

So to get a switch to turn off when the alarm is armed you would create a routine

On the smartthings app. Go to automation
Then go to add a routine

Then the app will walk you through the rest. You can specify what you want turning off or on. And when you want that to happen e.g turn off switch when alarm armed.

The thing I think you are stuck with is that your switch isnt a “thing” in your smartthings app. Does that sound right.

(Germaine Wilson) #56

Hi Daniel, been having some fun with this code yet I’m still having an issue with the routines. What I’d like is for Goodbye to arm (away) and goodnight to arm (home). Have you managed to get this working? If so, how did you manage it?

(Daniel McDougall) #57

Not sure if im understandng you correctly i just added it in here on the routine

(Germaine Wilson) #58

Ahh, I don’t have this option. Looks like I’ll be starting over again!! Fingers crossed.

(Germaine Wilson) #59

Ok, I think I’m getting closer to the solution. The device was setup correctly but I hadn’t set up the Smart Home Monitor - which I’ve done now although I’m still not there.
I don’t have any SmartThings devices apart from the hub itself so
I enter Smart Home Monitor
choose Custom - New monitoring rule
choose Locks (yes I know it’s an alarm but it’s the only one that really fits)
Locks To Use - choose Yale Smart Alarm
Don’t have options.

If I enter Smart Home Monitor
choose Security
Next, Next, Done
I do have the Disarmed, Armed (Away), Armed (Home) options but triggering them doesn’t update the alarm. Running the Routines doesn’t allow for the Alarm to be set as Armed (Home).
I could be wrong but I may need a SmartThings device to get this to work properly but I’m happy to be corrected.

(Daniel McDougall) #60

hi germaine,

i dont think it will work as a lock, i think you will have to put it in as a switch in the routine.