Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration

Thanks Mark, it seems to have resolved itself after 6 hours. If it happens again I will ‘update token’.

it should, when getting the error, try to update the toke itself.
How often were you getting the messages?
how many messages did you get (should have been no more then 13)?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for creating this app it works well with smartthing - and all is good. however I use action tiles on a wall tablet. i’ve added a action tile to my panel to turn the alarm on or off . but the tile cant tell the status of the alarm. I’ve raised this with action tiles and they said there seems to be a problem with the DH. the reply i got was this :

If you look at this line in the code, you will notice that sendEvent commands are commented out. This device handler is not implemented correctly because it does not send any event data.


Since this is a community developed integration, I’m not able to provide farther assistance in debugging the code. Please contact the developers and let them know about the line numbers 212-213, they should be able to figure out what events are missing.

I don’t know a lot about code, would you have any ideas?

appreciate your help

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What Yale alarm systems are people using with these please? I am planning my ST integrations ahead of actually getting the keys to my new home and I want to be able to use the alarm in SmartThings but there is a minefield of different Yale “smart” alarms.

If I bought a prebundled “Kit” what would be my best bet?


Hi KH,

I have been using the Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Alarm for the last 2 years. It came in a 6 piece ‘Family Kit’. It has the following items:

1 x Smart hub

2 x PIR motion detector

1 x Keypad

1 x Door/window contact

1 x External siren

1 x Installation manual and fixing pack

2 x Alarm stickers

I have since added another 3 pack PIR motion detector to the home.

It has been working really well with the DH (with the occasional error message with failing to get a read update from the Yale Smart Hub via Smartthings).

It nicely integrates with Smartthings, Hue, Google, Sharp Tools and Tasker.

There is also a Familt Kit Plus and Full Control Kit too, but mine has enough for my needs.

Good luck with your integrations.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the info Sunny. I wasn’t sure if the DH/SmartApp was limited to only working with a particular system as I notice there is a Sync alarm, then a “Smart Home Alarm”

For me it’s just a shame that these manufacturers are using native communication networks and preventing ST from doing what it was originally intended to do - unify hubs!


Thanks for this great piece of code. I have set everything up and can Arm and Disarm the system by going into Things, clicking on the Yale device and then setting Arm Away, Arm Stay or Disarm - this all works very well.

But if I want to arm or disarm the system using a Routine then I’m at a dead end. If I go into Automation --> Routines and create a Routine then under Turn on these lights or switches, the Yale thing does not appear. I just get all my usual power outlets, lights etc.

How can I arm or disarm the alarm using a Routine?

PS - Same issue in Scenes, lots of my devices appear, but not the Yale ones.



Yay! Glad I checked to see if you managed to fix this! well done guys

Has anyone else seen any issues since migrating to the new SmartThings app? I used to run both apps side by side but since being prompted to, migrated and now only use the new version. For some reason now the Yale alarm shows in my SmartThings as if it’s permanently in an “On” state and if you click on it the ‘lock state” just shows a cloud icon with a line through it.

I cannot seem to manually arm/disarm the device by clicking it and selecting on or off but strangely automations still seem to work and switch the alarm on / off.

Any ideas?