Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration


I’m new here and I’ve waded through the whole thread but could someone point me towards the most up to date DH for arming and disarming?
I’m struggling to work out which one is that and which apply to the sensor states.

Hi I’ve moved the latest link to the first post

Not sure if I doing something incorrect, I can get the panel to work arm disarm etc… but I can’t get any of the door or pir sensors to show. I am using a smart living alarm.

open door and wait, it only pings the yale server every 10 miuntes

Hi guys, I’m new here and haven’t had much experience with SmartThings so apologies if I’m covering old ground. I’ve found the most recent code on the first post, can anyone help with how I actually get this setup? I’ve added the code and created a device handler, I can then add a device based on the device handler already created but I’m not getting any information from those devices in SmartThings. I’m guessing I’m missing the authentication part of something along the way.

After reading all of the posts here the only thing I can see is I’m running the more recent version of the alarm (Alexa compatible etc.) is this the reason it’s not a working?

Update: I’m getting a little further now, I’ve looked at some of the SmartThings documentation and didn’t know about the ‘classic’ app which seems to be a bit more feature rich. One issue I’m having is with the App device handler it’s giving me an access denied message when I try to create a device based on that DH. The others seem to allow me to create ok so it doesn’t appear to be account related but I have opened a support ticket just in case; has anyone experienced this before?


have you added and published the App, you put your yale credentials in there

you should be then able to add the device from that app. You need the DH published in your IDE

ok great, thanks Mark- I’m in now thanks for that… I was trying to add the app as a DH instead… oops.

So when I do the initial install now that all works great and I can see the status of the alarm etc. - the only thing I’m struggling with is the contact sensor isn’t picked up (I’ve got that added as a DH and it’s published)

there should be an option under “what do you want to do” to add devices and click next, any device availbe should show there to be added

yeh I tried that but it just doesn’t show up at all - the panel picks up no issues, just the contact sensor doesnt seem to show :frowning:

strange ill have to have a look when at home

fixed, you you update the smartapp code, it should work.
the data reqyuired had been filterd out. tested on mine and works

is it working for you now?

Yep - can see the devices now, thanks! Weirdly my contact sensor is showing as open though when it’s actually closed, will this take some time to refresh the data?

Forget that - it’s update now :slight_smile: Thanks for your help on this

there is a 10 min lag if i rember rightly to avoid overloading yale severs (as this is not supported in any way any more)

Yeh I can see it’s updated now - appreciate your help with this, all seems to be working!


Have anyone found a way to change a device status, ie. a lock (lock/unlock)?
I own a Yale V2N lock and it appears in the device_status API, but I can’t figure out how to unlock it through the API.

Second question, what tools did you use to sniff the API urls? I tried mitmproxy with the Yale app but without any success.

Regards Mathias

Hello, does the integration work with the Yale Sync series? Thanks!

Hi Marko, Yes it does, I have it working on the Sync range.

Is anybody having an issue with Smartthings constantly reporting “Yale - Get pannel data catch - Forbidden” every 5 minutes?

Any way to fix or suppress these messages?

Id try opeining up the app and selecting updaed token, ‘Forbidden’ is the response from the yale server

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