Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration

Hey mate,

Great stuff what you have created - many thanks but I am a newbie and having issues logging in to the app as I have an Yale Smart Alarm system and I would like my current SmartThings multi purpose sensors to use the Yale siren if triggered.
Can you please help me getting this to work? I have followed all instructions but cant log in.
Many thanks.

Hi mate, I am having issues logging in and installing the app - can you help please?

Hi, can you please assist me in getting this connected to my SmartThings, as I am having issues, thanks !

Is there an installation guide for this? I tried making a smartapp, and a couple of device handlers, but this is my first time attempting anything of this sort. I don’t actually have a smartthings hub yet - I’m more trying this as proof of concept and to learn the skills and ideas required. I thought it was all figured out as I got to the login stage and saw my devices, but then got told there was an error.

I’ve hit upon the same problem.

I’ve installed the app and device handlers (at least I think I have) and I get to see a list of all my Yale hardware when I log in to the app. But, when I actually try and add any of my equipment to smartthings, I get an error connecting message. Any one have any ideas?

Hey everyone,

I’m bumping this topic as Smartthings recently announced the deprecation of the legacy Groovy IDE, which means come the end of December '22 this Yale integration will stop working.

Is anyone still using this integration, and is looking into porting this across to the new world yet? If not I’ll take a look as I’m still using it.


Yes, I am still using this integration and surprised that it will stop working at the end of this year!

Fingers crossed, the port to the new world will be seamless…I am happy to test out builds as they come.