Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration

This might do it:


Gives you information for all your devices. In particular for my door contact sensor it shows "status1": "device_status.dc_close"

Ah legend thanks dude, I’ll have a look see if I can write it in, not that great with the DH side of things though… I used to use it as I have a dog walker who’s got a fob for the door so I liked to know when the contact broke to know she wasn’t coming late :stuck_out_tongue:

So I had it in webcore if all location devices = away, push notification if the contact breaks :smiley:

I haven’t tested it yet is it all up and running now? Do you need me to do anything with it?

Yes, the new DH is working so far. Armed last night and this morning as per schedule without hiccups.

If anyone could give me hand with the contact sensor DH that would be much appreciated, I don’t think it requires a load of work now @foyst has done the authentication and what not with the alarm DH, I’m just hitting walls, as not very good with the DH stuff, I’ve been at it all day and still getting errors in my log and the wrong status :frowning:

It can definitely be done though as @foyst says with - https://mob.yalehomesystem.co.uk/yapi/api/panel/device_status/

Here is the orig - https://github.com/foyst/SmartThingsPublic/tree/master/devicetypes/smartthings/yale-alarm-open-close-sensor.src

I’ll have a look, but I’ll be a few days. I’ve been ill , haven’t even got my alarm working yet

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thanks for the good work, ive made a few tweeks, only asking for a token when its expred, and runing the log on procidure and getting a cookie when installed/updated

Do you guys want me to edit the first post to link to the latest device handlers

I was going to do a bit more when i get time. We have 4 get commands with the only variable is the mode etc

it you want to use mine, ive updated the code now there is only two sections where the it send the commands to yale.
mode change between arm/home/disarm all share the same
and in

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smartapp done to handle contact sensors

and DH

Sorry mate, was away for a couple of days. Absolute legend, thanks for putting the new logic into those, I am going to test now!!

Thanks again Mark.

I’ve just been testing, is there a way to change the refresh rate of when it picks up the status?

it doesn’t seem to change with a normal open/close of the door, although it does work if i open it, wait for it to change then when i close it it will update in 3-5 minutes so i’m thinking it’s something to do with the polling/refreshing?


it checks with the yale server every 5 min, more than this im nervious that they might notice and start blocking it.

also im just finishing off the alarm bit today

ah right that makes sense then as to why it doesn’t catch it! I’m not sure they could block it as the hub has to ping the API to set/get alarm status?

Previously I can remember I set mine low, in seconds as I think I spoke to @tapion1ives about worrying about the battery take, but he explained it gets the status from the hub not the sensor.

Is there anyway I can test lowering it on mine? or is the worry about them blocking it for everyone or individually?


Every one. The proper Yale app dosnt seam to ever quiry back for updates so I think they would notice

Ah ok thanks dude.

And if they did block it would that just affect the contacts or the alarm API? Just the contacts DH will serve fairly useless with a 5 minute polling time, as the only thing that’d ever tell you if you physically left your door open and left, as you’d need to be fairly lucky to have it poll as it’s opening/closing :frowning:

ive done the pannel now, if you have chance could you set you alarm off and send me the debug so i can updatethe DH and app to send push messages

when you arm the system it sends aresponse back if a contact is open, it set the smartapp to send a push (if you enable it ibn the app) if there is an issue, it wouldbe something line DC_open

Right id say its all done, push messages, add contact sensors / control pannel (10min refresh period for them)
id like to do is capture an alarm active message so i can code in push message for that (yale app dosnt do it)
remove push message for token refersh - just the to see how it works

the links

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