Yale Locks not remotely locking and can't add user codes with smart lock guest access

Having an issue with 5 yale keyless connected locks, the hub and router are all connected up and all locks show online, I can’t issue any guest codes using the smart lock guest access app or unlock them remotely. When I also try to unlock via the devices section it doesn’t work? anyone having these issues and has found a solution? I have 2 properties with 4 locks each and they work perfectly. Not sure what the issue is here?

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There were platform issues this morning affecting many different devices, has this been going on for a couple of days or did it just start?


Hi, I only just configured them all afew days ago and it’s been doing this since the start. The only difference I have between my set ups is the hubs. I think I have an older hub for this setup and wondered if remote unlocking and setting codes doesnt work with older ones? is there are limit on the number of locks you can control through the app?

Just re installed everything. Can someone confirm that the Samsung STH-ETH 200 works over the Internet. It seems the hub will only allow me to connect to it when I connect to the same router via WiFi. Also now not detecting any locks in exclude mode. It did use to say 1 device removed now it doesn’t.

That’s not how zwave exclude works. It’s a one time event, not a mode. You only get that message the one time you remove the device. So that part’s ok.

As for the rest, I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

What’s the model number of the locks? The V2 hub, which is the one you have, doesn’t have a WiFi radio. It uses Ethernet, zwave, and zigbee. How it connects to the locks depends on the model number of the lock. But it’s definitely accessible via Internet: in fact, that’s the only way the SmartThings app works. If the Internet is out, the app can’t reach the hub at all, because the app talks to the ST cloud via Internet and then the cloud sends messages to the hub via Internet. There’s no direct app to hub connection.

You may want to check that your router firewall is not blocking any ports.

Hi thanks for your reply. The locks are the yale keyless connected model number: YD01CONNOMODCH. All locks have the zwave module 2s in them.

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Thanks i already checked this and all ports open on the router.

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Hi, it shows online when I’m connected to the WiFi in the property but when I switch to 4g mobile data it goes offline.

If you are off-site now, can you use a browser that is not on your mobile device and go to https://my.smartthings.com and see if you can access your hub or better yet, also test it on your mobile device not connected to wifi at that location :slight_smile:

That’s a bug with the SmartThings mobile app. I’ve noticed that if the connection isn’t solid (i.e low latency) it has issues in response and status. Try to reboot your phone or put it into airplane mode and then reconnect to the mobile network. A little trick about GSM networks, the last connection is the fastest, so as your connection gets older it get slower. It helps to reconnect to the network if you’re facing data connectivity issues.

Alternatively you can also check out more advanced user management apps like this one, it doesn’t rely on the mobile phone. So for example you have a recurring schedule or expiration date for a user you don’t need to manually log into the ST app each time and manage the users, you set it and forget it, it run in the cloud, so as long as your hub is connected to the internet it’ll do the rest for you.

Same problem for me and another friend. Yale YDF40 with zigbee module;

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 21.39.54|236x500
- Not possible to download guest access to Smart Lock. Try again-

But it keeps granting access to all previous recorded guests and sends me notifications.

Funny info.
Just installed ST App on my relative iPhone and invited him to the Home and… the smartapp was there, working fine!

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