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Yale Connexis L1 Battery change

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Currently I have Duracell Ultra Power batteries
But yes I have purchased the industrial 50 pack at around 16 pounds a the other week
I have tested the batteries again and we are now 1.53 so thats a 0.05 drain in a week.
If 0% is 1.30 should get another 4.5 weeks
if 0% is 1.25 should get another 5.5 weeks

These batteries were in it for a week without a module installed

Tested a new Duracell Ultra Power 1.62
Tested a new Duracell Industrial 1.60

1.60 - 1.30 = 0.30/0.05 equals 6 weeks
50 industrial batteries £15.79/50 = £0.3158 x 4 = £1.26
50/4 = 12.5 x 6 = 75 weeks

On holiday for a week from tomorrow so will be interesting seeing the battery usage with no locks/unlocks

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Very interested in the results of these tests.

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The batteries are still in the lock today currently at 65%
So its been 70 days today since the module went in


yep is looking promising
i have been using mine with new lock and module for a week now and lost 3% battery so far , so for me a lot better usage than before

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This week best yet, no change still at 65%

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Awesome. Thanks

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UPDATE - Currently at 44% after 99 days

I also now track the amount of locks and unlocks the device has done today its been a month since I set that up and its done 358 (Please note a quarter of these will be from the inside unlocking so its a manual unlock not a motor unlock)
Works out at just under 12 per day so around 9 motor uses per day


Did removing Alexa affect battery life? Was the version 2 module any better than v1 for battery life? Sorry for the late post but I’m researching now and came across this thread

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See my posts above, this lock officially only supports the V2 module there are old V2 modules that if you contact Yale they will send you a updated one. My graphs above are with the lock connected to alexa even though UK users cant do anything with locks yet, ActionTiles, InfluxDB, Simple Device Viewer, Google, SharpTools, webCoRE & Rboys lock notification app

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My Zwave network has officially shit the bed - See here Zwave Lag Problems - Zwave Map

Both locks have had there zwave modules pulled today as they have just chewed though two sets of batteries in a week

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