Xiaomi vs Aqara door/window sensors

Battery life is good.
The Xiaomi sensors can be tricky to get online and stay online, but once you got them they seem great.
They are quick to report, battery life is amazing, build quality awesome, and they are tiny.

Have not used the ST sensors.

I have 15 Xiaomi contact sensors. 1 aqara, 14 originals. I think aqara is a little closer to the zigbee standard.

My single door sensor is still not reporting battery level whereas my motion sensor is - any ideas? It’s been a few days now. Using bspranger DH. Thanks!

Look at the logs for a few hours and see if the parse attribute messages are present. Maybe your device is reporting differently.

Has anyone experienced an issue where the device always says open? Just received my first Xiaomi sensor today, and have managed to pair it and add it, but the device permanently says open. Do I have a broken sensor, or am I making a noob mistake somewhere. I added the device handler, paired, captured the code from the logs and added the device with the code, and selected the correct sensor.

Make sure the timezone is set on your smartthings hub.

Thanks for the reply. I assume thats done through the app by selecting a location for the hub using the little map. I actually didn’t have that set, so I have now, but seemingly no difference. Do I need to re-pair? How would that affect the sensor?

Thanks for your time

You have to set it though the online web IDE. I can’t remember exactly where the setting is but I bet that is the problem. After you set it properly the sensors should start working. I don’t think you need to repair it.

I saw this issue before. It was causing a line of code to error out and the sensor was sitting in the open state. This was the fix.

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can set the motion sensor to search for motion less than 2 minutes?

Thanks, that resolved that issue. Really appreciate it.

Sadly I can’t get the device to pair either at all, or on the rare occasion the process works, to stay paired. This seems about par for the course based on this thread.

I think the real issue comes down to other zigbee devices acting as routers, and 2.4 ghz interference (wifi, baby monitors, Bluetooth, cordless phones, etc).

Once I turned off all other zigbee devices during the pairing, and moved my wifi channels, these devices have been solid.

I am having a hard time to keep the the door sensors stay online thou I got the battery report. Sometimes it shows as offline, sometime it shows either open/close without reporting the door being opened or closed.

I am using the Samsung Connect Home as the hub, so it is next to the WiFi router. And the other device that I have is the Hue lights only. What is your suggestion here? Can’t really move the router away from the hub since the two needs to be connected.

hum, been using original xiaomi sensors over past 6months without issues. so upgraded to aqara sensors. aqara motion sensor workimng fime apart from battery showimg as 0%. using code for original xiaomi sensor. is there an up to date code support for aqara motion sensors?

The Aqara does use a different DH, Go here to get the latest DH https://github.com/bspranger/Xiaomi/tree/master/devicetypes/bspranger


Using the Aqara DH by bspranger for the Temperature sensor. Works as intended, but everytime I manually refresh by hitting the app button, I get this error:

12:54:38 PM: error org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object ‘zcl global write 0x500 0x10 0xf0 {null}’ with class ‘java.lang.String’ to class ‘int’


Also I get a “–” in the first box. I’m assuming that it is the attempt to find out the battery.

Ok I got my Aqara Door/Window sensors today. I got 5 of the 8 hung and paired. 2/5 are reporting battery percentage. Did I miss a step somewhere? I’m using the bspranger DH. Paired by holding the reset button for 3 bright slow flashes, waited then tapped the reset button for 3 dim quick flashes and then paired as normal through the ST app… They seem semi reliable at the moment. I had to play with the magnet placement on some of them to get it to reliably show closed. I had 1 door stop responding and I’ve repaired it. Hopefully they’ll be stable and reliable. :slight_smile: Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong with the battery reporting? Also do they report temp like the ST sensors do? I don’t recall.

From what I recall the Refresh button does not work. Yes, the first box is the battery, it will eventually come in usually takes an hour or 2.

Ok so my next question is, is there a way to get just opens and closes to show in the “Recent” tab when looking at the device in the ST app? Everything is showing in there, last open, last checkin, etc. every time the sensor opens or closes. It would be nice to see it like the ST sensors where just a list of openings and closings is listed there. I’ve also noted that it seems as though as others have said once you get through the first few checkins it stays paired and reliable. So far I’m testing the Aqara contacts on a regular door, roll up style garage door and sash style windows that slide up and down to open/close.

Does anyone have any advice on the motion sensors? I want to probably add those in as well. How do they work with a 95lb / 43kg dog running about in the house? I imagine I’ll have to deactivate them if he’s home and we’re not? And do you have a link to them on GearBest? I looked but I’m not seeing a small nice form factor like the ST branded motion sensors.

Do the sensors you’re using look more rounded, like this: window sensor|150
or are they more squared off?

It’s strange that there’s a zcl global write command error because that it’s not in bspranger’s Aqara door/window sensor DH code at all. However it is part of the code for the “original” xiaomi door/window sensor DH.

The {null} part of that error tells me that the ZigBee ID for that sensor is unknown, either because it didn’t pair properly, or the “catchall” method was used to add it as a device.

If it’s an Aqara sensor, it can be paired and recognized using the “Add a Thing” method in the ST mobile app, and that would assign the sensor’s ZigBee ID to the added device on the hub, which may resolve the error.

Either way, the refresh button does not update battery status.

Also - if you are indeed using Aqara sensors, then you can push the “reset” button at the bottom of the sensor itself to get an instantaneous battery status update. I came up with some new code to add that feature to the DH and bspranger rolled it in about a week and a half ago. Make sure it’s a “quick” press of the button, not long press.

I have started an all inclusive thread for the Xiaomi Zigbee sensors. Please refer to this thread.

To help maintain support of these devices I ask that you start communicating on the thread above. Please stop further useage of this thread.

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Hi ArstenA I’m having great difficulty in adding the DH. I’ve tried copying and pasting yours and a4refillpads codes and always get an error that wont let me add the DH. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as its driving me mad